Owais Tohid

Owais Tohid has reported extensively on war and conflict in Asia for 30 years and witnessed the rise and fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan. He has also covered the Palestinian conflict in the Occupied Territories and worked for the BBC World Service, AFP and CS Monitor. Twitter: @OwaisTohid

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Of bleeding mountains and the Balochistan paradox

When the Taliban overran Kandahar and Helmand, Baloch insurgents sensed their hideouts in Afghanistan were not safe anymore. Under previous Ghani and Karzai governments, the Afghan Taliban provided them shelter, but now the militia was itself the government.

February 10, 2022

Land mines on the road to peace in Afghanistan 

As President Joe Biden wades through the mess of Trump’s legacy, he doesn’t need Afghanistan decoded for him. He doesn’t need a crystal ball or an orientation crash course, he’s an old hand. With Obama, he’s led the war against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda for eight years.

February 06, 2021