Ahmed Bilal Mehboob

Ahmed Bilal Mehboob is the president of Pakistan-based think tank, PILDAT.

Twitter: @ABMPildat

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Preparing to govern in Pakistan: the case for shadow cabinets

Prime Minister Imran Khan recently invited a great deal of criticism by admitting that he and his party, PTI, were not ready to govern the country when they won the election in July 2018, because his team was inexperienced and unaware of the real issues of governance. 

January 03, 2021

Pakistan’s obsession with elusive accountability

Accountability has been political Pakistan’s obsession from day one – literally.

December 09, 2020

Bitter political play in Pakistan has dampened COVID-19 containment

During the last nine months, the details and extent of playing politics right in the middle of the pandemic are different in different societies, but political considerations have continued to dominate almost all multi-party democracies including Pakistan.

November 21, 2020