Dr Syed Kaleem Imam

- The writer holds a doctorate in politics and international relations and has served as a federal secretary and inspector-general of police. He tweets @KaleemImam.

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Notes from a former police chief: Battling violence during Pakistan election

As Pakistan braces for the 2024 elections, law enforcers face a daunting task. There has perhaps never been a time like this. Anger and disappointment are widespread, and so is a hope that election day- February 8- will mark the beginning of something better.

February 01, 2024

Notes from a former police chief: Law enforcement in the worst of times

On May 09, a video was recorded of dozens of policemen, all with masks covering their faces, dragging a disabled teenage girl. It badly tarnished the moral image of the police in Pakistan.

May 15, 2023

The attack on Karachi police office lays bare the tough security questions

Predictably, an enquiry has been ordered following the terror attack on the Karachi Police Chief Office (KPO), but as traditions go, there won’t be many lessons learned.

February 20, 2023