'Sedition' case: Pakistani court sends ex-PM Khan aide to jail on judicial remand

  • Gill was arrested on Tuesday afternoon over televised comments the media regulator says were “seditious”
  • Khan condemns “torture” of Gill in police custody, says he deserves a “fair hearing” even if he broke a law
By Muhammad Ishtiaq ·

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In Karachi’s old town, birthplace of Pakistani founder stands hidden from public eye

  • Wazir Mansion in Newnham Road has been officially recognized as Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s birthplace since 1953
  • Some scholars say the actual place of Quaid-e-Azam’s birth was 20 yards away, a building behind Wazir Mansion

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In Pakistan’s southwest, Royal Palace of Kalat where Jinnah was weighed in gems

  • Jinnah visited the Khan of Kalat for the first time in 1945 while the independence movement was at its peak
  • Second visit was after partition to collect donations so Bank of England could print currency for the new nation

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‘Lost Migrations’: Pakistani-Indian animation series spotlights partition memories 75 years on

  • Work on three-episode animation series began two years ago with aim to tell stories of survivors from “new angle”
  • Series is part of Project Dastaan, reconnects partition survivors with their past lives and homes using virtual reality

Saudi Arabia will now allow visitors holding tourist visas to perform Umrah – Hajj ministry

  • 49 nations eligible under the new rules
  • Booking online or on arrival, says ministry
By Arab News ·

Sadr followers hold mass prayer outside Iraqi parliament in show of force

  • Supporters of the populist leader have occupied the Iraqi parliament since July
  • Iran-aligned political groups were expected to hold their own demonstration later on Friday
By Reuters ·

Drought officially declared in several parts of England

  • The "drought trigger threshold had been met" in parts of southwestern, southern, central and eastern England
  • The Environment Agency on Friday published a report saying that England as a whole had its driest July since 1935
By AFP ·

McDonald’s to begin reopening Ukraine restaurants

  • The company closed all its restaurants in Ukraine and Russia in March
  • McDonald's said it was working with suppliers to get products to restaurants
By Reuters ·

Tyson Fury announces intention to retire from boxing

  • The announcement has been greeted with scepticism as Fury has previously stated his intention to retire only to return to the ring
  • He was expected to fight the winner of Oleksandr Usyk's rematch with Anthony Joshua on August 20
By AFP ·

Metallica, Mariah Carey to play New York show for foreign aid

  • Rosalia, Charlie Puth, Maneskin and Mickey Guyton will join them in taking the stage at the event
  • The Central Park concert is slated for September 24
By AFP ·