Naila Mahsud

Naila Mahsud is a Pakistani political and International relations researcher, with a focus on regional politics and security issues. Twitter: @MahsudNaila

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The US should not keep troops in Afghanistan after May

The war in Afghanistan is proving to be the most complicated of dichotomies the US and its allies have ever found themselves in. As soon as Joe Biden took oath as the new president of the US, he threw a couple of agreements signed by his predecessor into the trash bin. 

February 17, 2021

Afghan talks' resumption and what to expect

Intra-Afghan dialogue is to resume on January 5th after a 20-day break to chalk out a future map for peace between the conflicting parties. The talks restart amid growing concerns about inconclusive results, which both Afghan government and Taliban have contributed to.

January 04, 2021

Biden’s Afghanistan policy will upset a largely Taliban-centric peace process

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have said they want to pull American troops out of Afghanistan. But their approaches differ, and that makes all the difference.

November 09, 2020