Red Sea

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How ‘a monumental catastrophe’ was averted with offloading of Safer near Yemen’s Red Sea coast

  • Decaying oil-storage vessel moored in the Red Sea posed massive environmental and humanitarian threat
  • First phase of operation succeeds in removing most of the 1.14 million barrels of crude oil held by the Safer
By Jumana Al-Tamimi ·

Saudi women all set to drive marine tourism

By Tareq Al-Thaqafi ·

UN says enough money pledged to begin salvage work on decaying oil tanker in Yemen

By Ephrem Kossaify - Peter Harrison  ·

Dutch aid raises UN hopes of saving decaying Yemen ship 

By Saeed Al-Batati ·

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ENVI Lodges, Al Rasim Hotels to build ecolodge on the Red Sea coast

By Widad Taleb & Dana Alomar ·