Cornelia Meyer

Cornelia Meyer is a business consultant, macro-economist and energy expert.

Twitter: @MeyerResources

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Europe struggles to pass the virus test

The European Union has long been hailed as the guarantor of stability and peace in Europe; even its fiercest critics admit that the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact would not have been so smooth, had it not been for the EU’s support and largesse.

April 04, 2020

A lesson in leadership

The G20 comprises the world’s most powerful economies — 19 countries and the European Union. It was founded in 1999, when it became obvious that the leading industrial nations of the G8 needed to be supplemented by the growing emerging economies, particularly by rising Asia.

March 29, 2020

The world as we knew it may just have changed for a long time to come

These are extraordinary times. The coronavirus used to be something that was happening far away in China or maybe South Korea.

March 17, 2020

Why oil rebounded last week despite coronavirus doom

Last week proved once more that markets often react on sentiment and perceived outlook rather than to cold, hard facts.

February 18, 2020