Rustam Shah Mohmand

Rustam Shah Mohmand is a specialist of Afghanistan and Central Asian Affairs. He has served as Pakistan’s ambassador to Afghanistan and also held position of Chief Commissioner Refugees for a decade.

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Taliban’s unending obsession with women’s education and the billions it’s costing them

If there is one, just one single issue, on which the whole world is sharply aligned against the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, it is the ban imposed on girls seeking higher education.

March 21, 2023

The unrest sweeping across Pakistan’s former tribal areas is strategically worrying

A serious review of policy is required in Pakistan’s restive, former tribal region, where anger and acrimony against the government is rising dangerously, and threatening a socio-political collapse in the area. 

February 10, 2023

Withholding formal international recognition to the Taliban is unjustified

There was huge euphoria and enthusiasm as Taliban swept into power a year ago. That warm embrace of the leaders of the movement was short lived and the hard realities of a country so awfully dependent on foreign aid began to sink in soon.  

September 02, 2022