Andrew Hammond

Andrew Hammond is an Associate at LSE IDEAS at the London School of Economics.

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Why Trump’s departure is far from the end of populism

Donald Trump’s departure from office on Wednesday will be welcomed by many who decry the rise of global populism, but he is a symptom of a populism that may grow in the 2020s, fueled by the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis.

January 16, 2021

Will ‘Little England’ or ‘Global Britain’ prevail in 2021?

Whether “Global Britain” or “Little England” becomes the more powerful political narrative across the UK post-Brexit will help define the country’s politics in 2021 and beyond.

December 24, 2020

How ‘America first’ has mostly failed the US

As Donald Trump enters his final month in office, it is increasingly clear that his much-hyped “America first” foreign policy revolution has largely failed. 

December 19, 2020

A year of key votes that could shape our world

The eyes of much of the world remain on the aftermath of last month’s US presidential and congressional elections, but other eye-catching ballots in the next 12 months will shape not just domestic politics and economics but also international relations well into the 2020s.

December 12, 2020

Are the cracks between the BRICS beginning to show?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is making final preparations to host the 2020 BRICS summit on Tuesday for his Brazilian, Indian, Chinese and South African counterparts.

November 12, 2020

Red or blue, let’s hope the US votes green

Next month’s US presidential election will not just settle a slew of major domestic issues for at least four years, it will also have a profound impact on key international ones, perhaps the biggest being the future of global climate action.

October 17, 2020

Why ‘Brand America’ is on the ballot too

Donald Trump and Joe Biden meet for the first presidential debate on Tuesday with not just themselves but “Brand America” itself on the ballot. 

September 26, 2020