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Wael Mahdi is an independent energy commentator specializing on OPEC and a co-author of “OPEC in a Shale Oil World: Where to Next?”

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Barkindo: A secretary-general like no other

18:31 Riyadh time: A message from Mohammed Barkindo. “You’ve indeed been a worthy ambassador to our country, President Buhari tells Barkindo, outgoing OPEC secretary- general,” the message read. 

July 06, 2022

Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia: Late or early?

From a market point of view, what signals can we get from the news that US President Joe Biden has finally decided to visit Saudi Arabia?

The easy answer is more oil supplies.

June 16, 2022

Will an A1 rating make the PIF a leader?

The headline above would be a perfect headline for a column written by some angry columnists who have their minds fixed on seeing Saudi Arabia as a country that can't advance nor could its institutions lead.

February 07, 2022

Aramco needs to compete to attract young Saudi talent in future

If you read the findings of a study conducted by The Red Sea Development Co., a company fully owned by the Public Investment Fund, the first thought that might come to your mind is that Saudi Aramco may not retain its position as the most sought-after employer in future. 

December 26, 2021

The PR of ‘invest’ and ‘Saudi’



When you enter search terms such as “invest” and “Saudi” using Google, Twitter, or any other social media, the result is often a mix of shock and negativity.

December 04, 2021

Going green in developing countries pays off in the future … Ask ACWA Power

ACWA Power is a well-known Saudi energy company. It’s more known outside of Saudi Arabia than inside with projects stretching from South Africa to Indonesia and with a diverse portfolio ranging from coal-fired plants to green hydrogen.

November 21, 2021

That’s not hilarious Secretary Granholm

The response that US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm gave to Bloomberg’s Tom Keene on Friday was truly shocking, typical, and full of contradictions.

November 06, 2021

What will Saudi Arabia tell the world on Oct. 23?

The first Future Investment Initiative forum five years ago witnessed the birth of NEOM, when Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman shared his vision of that giga-project with the rest of the world.

October 16, 2021

The good days of Ali Al-Naimi

Saudi oil ministers are always powerful figures. They are selected wisely and carefully because they are the oil diplomats whose words represent the official line of the country and move markets.

September 24, 2021

Pleasing Samad can be a good measure of OPEC+

Ambitious managers are sometimes perfectionists, and perfectionists are generally hard to please.

August 28, 2021