Dr. Mehreen Mujtaba

Dr. Mehreen Mujtaba is a freelance consultant working in the areas of environment and health.

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Children could become this pandemic’s biggest victims

COVID-19 has so far infected close to three million people around the globe, causing over 200,000 deaths. In Pakistan the spread rate has been rapidly escalating since March and currently, the number of diagnosed cases in the country stands at over 12,200 cases. 

April 26, 2020

Climate change and new threats: Pakistan’s crumbling health sector

Climate and human health-- both these entities are an ancient struggle and the idea that health and diseases are linked to climate probably predates written history. In fact, the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates related the spread of epidemics to seasonal weather changes. 

March 29, 2020

The unfortunate case of polio eradication in Pakistan

Polio is a social and public health crisis. A few decades earlier, the virus was endemic in 125 countries across five continents, paralyzing 350,000 children every year. 

January 08, 2020

Climate change, an economic threat

In the past decade, Pakistan has faced catastrophic floods, droughts, heatwaves, cyclones, glacier lake outbursts, and other calamities, which have resulted in the loss of life and displacement of thousands of people, destroyed livelihoods and damaged infrastructure.

December 15, 2019

Denied the right to clean air, Pakistanis choke on toxic smog

Pollution in any form, whether it is air pollution or water pollution, poses an environmental risk to the health of the population exposed to it.

November 29, 2019