Benazir Jatoi

Benazir Jatoi is a barrister, working in Islamabad, whose work focuses on women and minority rights. She is a regular contributor to the op-ed pages in various Pakistani newspapers.

Twitter: @BenazirJatoi

Latest published

Violence against girls in Pakistan impacts our collective future

The devastating consequences of extreme violence against girls has been very recently brought into sharp focus following the rape of a 4-year-old girl in Sindh’s Kashmore, and the not so long ago tragic sexual violence against, and murder of young girls in Kasur.

November 29, 2020

Controversies around Pakistan’s screens

Recently, two media-related incidents have taken place in Pakistan and generated intense debate. First, a Pakistani movie, Zindagi Tamasha, winner of an international award at the Busan International Film Festival was restricted from making its debut in Pakistan. 

February 03, 2020

Pakistan owes Benazir Bhutto a lot

Perhaps Pakistan was not ready for Benazir Bhutto when she became her father’s political heir. After all, how many countries, even today, would be ready for a highly-educated, left-leaning, staunch democrat who understood the importance of constitutional survival. 

December 26, 2018