Dr. Bashayer Al-Majed

Dr. Bashayer Al-Majed is a Professor of Law at Kuwait University, and a Visiting Fellow at Oxford. She works toward empowering women in the Middle East and achieving legal equality. She has written and lectured on a wide range of legal topics. Her primary research field is comparative private law. She is also active in the areas of constitutional reform and sustainable economic diversification, with a focus on international climate change policy.

Twitter : @Bashayeralmajed

Latest published

Arab League unity brings hope for Syria’s regeneration

The 2023 Arab League Summit in Jeddah, which takes place on Friday, will involve 22 nations following the readmittance of Syria this month.

May 20, 2023

Can AI ever replace the human touch?

On numerous occasions I’ve tried to report an issue or phone my bank to request information, and find myself dealing with a “bot,” an artificial intelligence — in other words a computer program powered by an algorithm to “understand” what I’m asking and provide an appropriate response.

January 27, 2023

Why the Arab world needs a unified voice

Arab League leaders met in Algiers this week with a lot having occurred since their last summit three years ago.

November 04, 2022