Adnan Rehmat

Adnan Rehmat is a Pakistan-based journalist, researcher and analyst with interests in politics, media, development and science.

Twitter: @adnanrehmat1

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Choosing generals and judges: Breaking with tradition for Pakistan’s best interests

Pakistan’s general inability to choose between an agreed formula of performance-based merit or the seniority principle as deciding factors in top appointments to the two most powerful establishments in the country – the judiciary and the military – is wreaking political and economic chaos. 

November 02, 2022

Pakistan’s political parties should not be family heirlooms anymore

India has its Gandhis, the Sri Lankans their Bandranaikes and Rajapaksas and Bangladesh its Sheikhs and Zias. Pakistan, similarly, has its Bhuttos and Sharifs. Dynastic politics runs through the South Asian political landscape, like pedigreed DNA.

August 16, 2022