Adnan Rehmat

Adnan Rehmat is a Pakistan-based journalist, researcher and analyst with interests in politics, media, development and science.

Twitter: @adnanrehmat1

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Modernizing political parties in South Asia

Twitter: In Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka the people have signaled that they don’t want ruling families in power in perpetuity. And yet, these families are just not ready to take the hint, writes Adnan Rehmat

October 16, 2023

A spate of elections: This is South Asia’s make or break year

Most global media and many influential capital cities are not paying much attention to the South Asian region in a news cycle dominated by the never-ending US-China political and economic conflicts and the bruising Russia-Ukraine military war.

September 07, 2023

In marriage, only full rights make for a better half

That most Pakistani marriages – over three-fourths – are not unions of equality for women is borne out again by a new study about perspectives and practices related to their civic registration and enforcement of rights.

August 21, 2023