Where We Are Going Today: Riyadh’s Pierre Herme Paris

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Updated 23 February 2024

Where We Are Going Today: Riyadh’s Pierre Herme Paris

Visitors to the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh can get a taste for luxury from more than just the decor and surroundings.

At Pierre Herme Paris they can sample pastries and sweets conceived by French pastry chef Herme, known as the “Picasso of pastry.”

Among the most popular desserts are French macarons, and vanille cakes infused with exotic vanilla cream from Tahiti, Mexico, and Madagascar.

Dacquoise biscuits are adorned with crunchy hazelnuts, hazelnut flakes, thin layers of milk chocolate, milk chocolate ganache, Chantilly cream, and several ice cream flavors, while the pink rose macarons from Isfahan, Iran are filled with rose petal cream and raspberries.

All the pastries are lovingly prepared in the hotel’s kitchens and showcased in museum- style class cabinets.

One of the things that  impressed me about Pierre Hermé Paris is that it is headed by the Executive Pastry Chef Steve Thiery from France, who joined the global pastry-making operations in 2019 after honing his talents for a decade and
a half in pastry kitchens from French Polynesia to France and Morocco.


Top restaurant suggestions across the Kingdom during Eid holidays

Updated 11 April 2024

Top restaurant suggestions across the Kingdom during Eid holidays

  • Suhail provides an authentic Saudi hospitality experience based on traditional cuisine
  • Le Grenier a Pain in Riyadh is a charming French bakery and brunch spot

JEDDAH: The Eid breakfast, when loved ones come together to share delicious food and create lasting memories, is a cherished tradition. If you are looking to elevate your Eid breakfast experience, here are some top restaurants from around the Kingdom:


Suhail provides an authentic Saudi hospitality experience based on traditional cuisine. Its ambiance takes inspiration from the captivating allure of the Arabian Peninsula desert, offering a comfortable setting for diners.

Lute Twaiq

Indulge in Italian and Levantine cuisine at Lute Twaiq. The Riyadh restaurant offers a breakfast buffet featuring traditional Italian and Levantine delicacies, including pasta, risotto and Neapolitan pizzas. Options like the eggplant beef hamsa are also available, prepared in the Neapolitan style. Eid breakfast starts at 6 a.m., perfect for early morning celebrations. Dammam residents can also enjoy Lute Twaiq at a branch in the city.

Le Grenier a Pain

Le Grenier a Pain in Riyadh is a charming French bakery and brunch spot. The menu features an array of French baked treats, including flaky croissants, buttery pain au chocolat and indulgent quiches. For Eid breakfast, Le Grenier a Pain serves specially prepared dips and diverse cheese platters, ideal for sit-down family gatherings or as a grab-and-go option.


Enjoy breakfast at ALFOLK in Shangri La Hotel, featuring an international cuisine spread for SR595 ($158) per person. Alongside delicious dishes, guests can enjoy live music by two talented musicians, a photo booth and fun activities like face painting and clown performances. A fun-filled morning is the perfect start for Eid festivities.

The Waterfront Kitchen

The Waterfront Kitchen serves breakfast from 7 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. After enjoying a delicious meal, guests can continue their Eid celebrations with the regular lunch menu. Families can also take advantage of two hours of complimentary access to the kids’ club.

Burnt restaurant

Celebrate Eid at Burnt restaurant with a morning feast featuring a curated menu of dishes. Try the cheese platter, offering three dips paired with flavorful accompaniments for SR43. The restaurant also serves fried Asian eggs, a fusion of roasted potato and kohlrabi with Korean chili and miso, topped with fried eggs and sesame, for SR24.

Atareek Al-Madi

Atareek is a cultural hub featuring a museum, art gallery and space for Hijazi folk celebrations. It showcases traditional karweet and mirkaz wooden benches adorned with intricate Arabesque designs. Atareek’s Eid breakfast serves popular Saudi dishes like mugalgal, mandi lamb, Saudi white coffee and Ta’ateemah.

Pattis France

Pattis France, nestled on Prince Turki Corniche Road along the Alkhobar waterfront, provides a refined setting for an elegant Eid morning with family. The menu boasts a variety of egg dishes — scrambled, poached, or as omelets — alongside French baked treats and artisan desserts.

Fatte w Snobar

Fatte w Snobar offers authentic Levantine cuisine across multiple branches in Alkhobar, Dammam, Al-Ahsa, Abha, Al-Qassim and Madinah. The restaurant provides convenient breakfasts and grab-and-go packages perfect for Eid. These curated boxes feature a variety of dishes, including creamy hummus, foul, crispy falafel, succulent kebdah, omelets, assorted cheeses, pickles and fresh salads.


Located in the heart of King Abdullah Branch Road in Madinah, Mild offers a modern culinary experience perfect for Eid breakfast. With a chic and contemporary interior, Mild presents a carefully crafted menu that blends international flavors with local inspirations. From cheese platters to Arabic falafel bowls, refreshing falafel salads to bold bruschetta bowls, and Mexican omelets to Tunisian shakshuka, there are choices for every palate. With options ranging from sandwiches to tacos and focaccia, Mild ensures a pleasant dining experience for all.

Where We Are Going Today: ‘Guaka’ - Mexican-style cuisine in Jeddah

Updated 10 April 2024

Where We Are Going Today: ‘Guaka’ - Mexican-style cuisine in Jeddah

  • With its vast and flavorful menu offerings, Guaka restaurant promises a dining experience that celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Mexico in a vibrant and inviting setting

Located on Prince Sultan Road in Rawdah district, Guaka is a new addition to the culinary scene, specializing in authentic Mexican-style cuisine.

This family-friendly restaurant offers a varied menu featuring classic dishes such as their signature guacamole dip paired with crispy tortilla chips.

Start your culinary journey with a selection of appetizers, including taquitos, and deep-fried tortilla rolls stuffed with savory beef, served with a side of salsa. For a hearty and satisfying main course, indulge in the Mexican-style rice bowl featuring tender chicken or beef, topped with sweet corn, creamy guacamole and a flavorful sauce.

A standout dish is the Birra nachos, which combines Mexican-style slow-cooked beef with crunchy corn tortilla chips, topped with a medley of ingredients such as pepper, jack cheese, sour cream, jalapenos and chipotle mayo. The result is a harmonious blend of flavors and textures.

From the fiery chipotle chicken tacos to the delicious grilled shrimp tacos laced with lime and dill, Guaka’s many options cater to all tastes. The marinated beef al pastor tacos are served with grilled peppers and fruits cooked in a shawarma style and topped with onion and parsley. Tacos with grilled vegetables and a smoked eggplant salsa topped with fried okra and red radish are another tasty alternative for vegetarian diners.

For those craving a comforting classic, the quesadilla menu offers both chicken and beef varieties served in warm, white tortillas. To end your meal on a sweet note, indulge in the decadent de toast dessert, a delicious treat featuring bread battered with dulce de leche and topped with a luscious white cream.

Quench your thirst with a selection of refreshing drinks, including the mango rosemary chili mojito, the pineapple vanilla margarita made with fresh pineapple and vanilla, and the basil coconut mojito, a delightful blend of fresh lemon and lime juice with hints of basil and coconut syrup.

With its vast and flavorful menu offerings, Guaka restaurant promises a dining experience that celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Mexico in a vibrant and inviting setting.

For updates and more details, check their Instagram @guaka.sa


Ramadan recipes: Lentil and vegetable soup

Updated 06 April 2024

Ramadan recipes: Lentil and vegetable soup

  • Lentil soup has been a popular dish since the days of ancient Egypt

Lentils originated in Arabia, with records showing references to the legume in pharaonic texts, as well as ancient Iraqi and Shami scrolls and scripts.

The legume grew in popularity around the Middle East and was exported further afield by merchants.

Lentil soup has been a popular dish since the days of ancient Egypt. It is rich in vitamins and proteins, and is suitable for infants aged 6 months and older. People in the Middle East also drink the soup during winter to boost the immune system and ward off illness.

In this recipe, which is suitable for vegans and those following a keto diet, a variety of vegetables is added to provide extra flavor and visual appeal.

For the ingredients, you need 250 grams cooked lentils, 250 grams spinach, one onion, one red bell pepper, one potato, two cloves of minced garlic, one large carrot, one liter of vegetable stock, two tablespoons of chopped parsley, one tablespoon of chopped coriander, and salt and pepper.

Dice the carrot, red bell pepper, potato and onion, and place in separate bowls.

In a large pot, add a small amount of olive oil at medium heat, then add the onion and stir until golden brown. Then add the garlic and stir again. After 30 seconds, add the potato and mix for two minutes, then add the carrot and red bell pepper.

Pour the vegetable stock after five minutes, add the salt and pepper for seasoning, and simmer for 15-20 minutes until the vegetables are tender. Add the lentil and spinach and cook for five added minutes.

After the soup is ready, let it cool a little, garnish with the parsley and coriander, and serve. Lemon and chili flakes can be added for more flavor if desired.


Ramadan recipe: Labneh

Updated 05 April 2024

Ramadan recipe: Labneh

  • The origins of labneh are difficult to pinpoint, but it is known that cheese made from yogurt has been consumed for thousands of years in the Levant

Labneh is a popular Lebanese dip used in various dishes or as a snack. The soft and creamy dip can be used in many meal combinations or as a chip and vegetable dip.

The name labneh is derived from “laban,” which translates to white. Laban is a popular yogurt drink in Arab countries.

The origins of labneh are difficult to pinpoint, but it is known that cheese made from yogurt has been consumed for thousands of years in the Levant.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, it is said that countries with hot climates created labneh because they had no way to preserve fresh milk.

Labneh is packed with protein and probiotics, meaning it can be enjoyed as a health food.

To make labneh, you need just three ingredients — 500 milliliters of yogurt, one and a half teaspoons of salt, and one and a half tablespoons of lemon juice.

All three ingredients should be mixed in a bowl. Once finished, pour the mixture into a cheesecloth-lined sieve. Place the sieve in a bowl to strain the liquid.

Let the mixture sit in the cheesecloth for at least two hours. After all the moisture is extracted from the mixture, place it on a dish and drizzle with olive oil to serve.


The iftars you still need to try in Riyadh 

Updated 05 April 2024

The iftars you still need to try in Riyadh 

  • As Ramadan nears its end, here are our recommendations for the best iftars in the Saudi capital 

RIYADH: The influx of restaurants opening in Riyadh in recent years has transformed the city’s iftar scene, offering a huge array of options for breaking the fast each evening. And with just a few days left in the holy month, it’s the perfect time to explore some of the Saudi capital’s best food venues. 

Whether you're in the mood for a traditional Saudi feast, a gourmet international spread, or a fusion of contemporary flavours, Riyadh’s vibrant dining landscape has something for everyone. 


This trendy Italian restaurant brought a slice of New York’s dining scene to Saudi Arabia when it opened in the Mansard Riyadh last October following its rise to fame in the Big Apple. The original US branch of Carbone boasts an impressive celebrity clientele, with stars including Adele, Justin Bieber and Rihanna often spotted enjoying intimate dinners at its secluded tables. For iftar, the Riyadh restaurant’s set menu offers traditional Arabic coffee and desserts alongside contemporary Italian dishes such as chicken Massimo, funghi trifolati, spicy rigatoni and tortellini al ragu. While you might not spot quite as many A-list celebrities as you would in NYC, the top-notch staff are renowned for making you feel like a star yourself. 

PRICE: From SAR400 ($107) 

LOCATION: Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Road  

CONTACT: +966 11 829 0919 

Fairmont Riyadh 

This five-star hotel near King Khalid International Airport is lighting up its Al-Thuraya and Al-Marasem ballrooms for Ramadan as part of the “Luminous Nights” series (inspired by “the desert’s golden tones”) in collaboration with Saudi immersive events expert Dr. Ali Madkhaly. The foyer has been transformed into a Ramadan bazaar featuring local haute couture, signature scents, specialty coffee roasters and traditional weaving. In addition to a buffet across the two ballrooms, and for an extra fee, up to 50 guests per night can enjoy a menu created by the chef Luigi Taglienti who runs the Michelin-starred LUME in Milan. Dishes on Taglienti’s menu include langoustine, white risotto, lobster, sea bass and lamb carpaccio.  

PRICE: From SAR350 

LOCATION: Business Gate, Qurtubah 

CONTACT: +966 11 826 2629 

Four Seasons Hotel  

Step into the newly redesigned Ramadan Tent at the Four Seasons hotel in Riyadh’s iconic Kingdom Center for an iftar inspired by Arabian elegance, in a space featuring gold accents and traditional motifs. The buffet is spread across seven islands and live cooking stations, with signature mixed grills from the Josper charcoal oven served alongside poke sushi cups and artisanal sourdough pizza. For dessert, take your pick from a selection including ever-popular kunafa, creamy gelato, and a chocolate fountain. For an added touch of luxury, book the exclusive Chef's Table experience, complete with dedicated butler service and personalized dishes. The hotel also welcomes families; there is a special area for children, ensuring an enjoyable Ramadan experience for guests of all ages. 

PRICE: From SAR285 

LOCATION: Kingdom Center 

CONTACT: +966 11 211 5000 

Il Baretto 

One of the first spots to open in the glitzy King Abdullah Financial District back in 2021, Il Baretto has become a mainstay of Riyadh’s fine-dining scene, with its elegant corniced dining room fully booked most evenings. For iftar, the restaurant is serving a special “Luna del Ramadan” set menu that pairs local favourites like mango laban mocktails with Italian classics including Caprese salad and spicy penne all’arrabbiata. For each of the first four courses, diners can select between an Arabic or Italian option, before a round of mini ice cream cones for dessert. For those looking to bring home their own slice of the Il Baretto experience, takeaway tiramisus are available from 5.30 p.m. each day until the end of Ramadan. 


LOCATION: King Abdullah Financial District 

CONTACT: +966 9200 12508 

Mandarin Oriental Al-Faisaliah 

Set in a grand iftar tent that can host up to 1,800 guests, the “Fawanees Experience” serves up a lavish feast of classic Saudi cuisine alongside sweet Ramadan beverages like jellab, kamer el-dine, and tamer hindy. There is also a dedicated play area for children, with those under the age of seven dining for free. For an a la carte iftar with a view, take the elevator to Asir Lounge at The Globe — the golden orb at the top of Al-Faisaliah — which offers panoramic vistas of the city’s twinkling skyscrapers. Groups can book out a private space in the restaurant for up to 25 guests for SAR35,000. 

PRICE: From SAR550  

LOCATION: King Fahd Road, Al-Olaya  

CONTACT: +966 11 273 2000 

The Ritz-Carlton 

Beneath the dazzling chandeliers and ornate ceilings of one of the city’s most famous hotels, the iftar experience at The Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh never disappoints. Guests can choose from the grand ballroom or a more intimate setting beside the former palace’s indoor pool for a wide-ranging buffet selection drawing inspiration from across the Middle East and Asia. For a final indulgent flourish, finish the evening at the Palais des Délices patisserie, where homemade pastries, oriental sweets, premium coffee, tea selections and signature beverages inspired by local ingredients are served on a terrace that overlooks the hotel’s fountains and gardens. 

PRICE: From SAR630 

LOCATION: Makkah Al-Mukarramah Road, Al Hada 

CONTACT: +966 11 802 8020