Saudi specialist teams to fight locust invasion

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Updated 03 June 2020

Saudi specialist teams to fight locust invasion

RIYADH: The Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has deployed 40 field teams to fight desert locusts.

The teams will operate south of Riyadh (Wadi Al-Dawasir, Al-Sulayyil, and Al-Aflaj), southeast of Asir (Ahad Rafidah, Sarat Abidah, Wadi bin Hashbal, Tathleeth, Bisha, Tareeb, and Al-Khanqah, and their affiliated centers), Najran’s governorates and eastern desert, and the eastern Taif highlands in the Makkah region.

The ministry said that the Locust Control and Migratory Pest Center is implementing efforts to fight the locust problem in targeted areas, where the extent of the risk has been assessed.

Teams are specially equipped to fight the locust invasion, which began as an outbreak in Yemen, Oman and the Empty Quarter.

A total of 24 pest control teams, nine exploration teams, five supervision and monitoring teams and two maintenance teams have been formed to counter the threat.

Teams will be supplied with over 15,000 liters of pesticides as well as safety tools, spare parts, oil, and fuel as logistical support to aid the operation. SPA Riyadh

Measures aim to reduce breeding in the regions and meet the threat of swarms crossing from Oman and Yemen.

Abnormal rainfall in the south of the Arabian Peninsula has coincided with the summer migration of the locust swarms from East Africa toward southwest Asia (India and Pakistan), the ministry said. 


Houthis targeting civilians is ‘red line’: Coalition confirms operation against militia

Updated 02 July 2020

Houthis targeting civilians is ‘red line’: Coalition confirms operation against militia

  • Operation comes after continuous targeting of the Kingdom with drones and ballistic missiles
  • Iran-backed group launched ballistic missile toward Riyadh last week, which was intercepted

RIYADH: The Arab coalition confirmed that it has launched a military operation against the Houthi targets on Thursday and said that their targeting of civilians is a “red line.”
The operation comes as the Houthi militia continue to target the Kingdom with drones and ballistic missiles.
The militia launched a ballistic missile toward Riyadh last week which was intercepted. The missile was Iranian made, coalition spokesperson Col. Turki Al-Maliki said at a press conference.
The coalition would take “harsh measures” against the Houthis if they targeted civilian areas and the Kingdom would not tolerate such attacks, Al-Maliki added.
“The terrorist leaders of the Houthi militia... will be pursued and held accountable. Targeting civilians and civilian facilities is a red line,” he said.
Al-Maliki said that the Yemeni army had complied with the cease-fire that the coalition announced in April for a period of 45 days. He said that the Houthis violated the cease-fire 4,276 times during that period.
Earlier this week, the coalition released details of two seizures of Iranian weapons that were headed into Houthi hands.
Referring to the seizures that took place in April and June, Al-Maliki said the Iranian regime is deliberately providing the Houthis with missiles to undermine regional security.
He added that the militia is using the Al-Nahden mountain as a ballistic missile storage center.
Iran is violating a UN resolution banning the supply of arms to Yemen, and the Iranian regime is deliberately undermining regional security, Al-Maliki said.