Dubai fashion label nabs a starring role in Jennifer Lopez’s new music video

Updated 08 April 2019

Dubai fashion label nabs a starring role in Jennifer Lopez’s new music video

DUBAI: Jennifer Lopez released her latest music video on Sunday and chose to show off a larger-than-life outfit by a Dubai-based designer in the new clip.

In the video for her new single “Medicine,” the singer wears a ruffled outfit by Dubai-based fashion label Amato Couture.

Created by Filipino designer Furne One, the creative force behind the label, the piece hails from the 2018/19 couture collection and is dotted with crystals and pearl details.

Lopez wears the outfit in a scene where she portrays a mysterious fortune-teller, complete with a cloudy, white crystal ball.

In the video for “Medicine,” the singer wears an outfit by Amato Couture. YouTube

Lopez, who made headlines in early March when she got engaged to ex-baseball star Alex Rodriguez, is set to hit the stage on her first tour in six years over the summer.

The tour, which will celebrate her 50th birthday, will see the industry legend perform across the US, in more than 25 cities.

It’s not the first time the singer and all-around superstar has picked out an outfit designed in the Middle East, however. She is known to be a fan of Lebanese couturier Elie Saab and even posed for People magazine’s December issue wearing a gown by Lebanese designer Rami Kadi.

In the interview accompanying the photographs, Lopez opened up about her bond with Rodriguez and her past relationships.

In the wake of her divorce from singer Marc Anthony in 2014, Lopez said she went through a period of soul searching. “I was done blaming other people — he did this or he did that — and I said to myself, no, it’s you,” she told the magazine.

“I grew up sharing a bed with my sisters from the time I was born, (and then) it was one boyfriend, and then another, and then a husband, and (so on), and I realized you’ve never been alone,” Lopez added.

“Until I could really learn to be happy on my own and love myself, these relationships were never going to work out, no matter what. That was a big turning point for me.”

Lopez told the magazine that her relationship with Rodriguez is different to her previous high-profile pairings.

“It wasn’t until I met Alex that I felt like, ‘Ok, I can be in a relationship again,’” she says.

“Everything feels healthy and different…We bring something to each other’s lives that is profound, good and healthy.”

What We Are Reading Today: A Wonder to Behold

Updated 11 December 2019

What We Are Reading Today: A Wonder to Behold

Authors: Anastasia Amrhein, Clare Fitzgerald, and Elizabeth Knott

In the ancient Near East, expert craftspeople were more than technicians: They numbered among those special members of society who could access the divine. 

While the artisans’ names are largely unknown today, their legacy remains in the form of spectacular artworks and monuments. One of the most celebrated works of antiquity — Babylon’s Ishtar Gate and its affiliated Processional Way — featured a dazzling array of colorful beasts assembled from molded, baked, and glazed bricks. 

Such an awe-inspiring structure demanded the highest level of craft; each animal was created from dozens of bricks that interlocked like a jigsaw. Yet this display of technical and artistic skill also served a ritual purpose, since the gate provided a divinely protected entrance to the sacred inner city of Babylon.

A Wonder to Behold explores ancient Near Eastern ideas about the transformative power of materials and craftsmanship as they relate to the Ishtar Gate, says a review on the Princeton University Press website. This beautifully illustrated catalogue accompanies an exhibition at New York University’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World.