Where We Are Going Today: Italian Touch

Updated 28 September 2018

Where We Are Going Today: Italian Touch

  • The cafe offers coffee, salads, sandwiches and different kinds of sweets

If you’re looking for a cozy place to have a light tasty breakfast, brunch or coffee with a friend or even by yourself, Italian Touch is probably the best cafe in town. It is good for both afternoons and night-time. I prefer day-time — the rays of the sun through the glass facade makes the place feel warm and friendly.
The decoration in this Italian cafe in Jeddah city, Al-Zahra district, is classy and simple, and they have a family section and outdoor seating. One of the things I love most about the place is their elegant, handmade dinnerware and mugs.
The cafe offers coffee, salads, sandwiches and different kinds of sweets. French toast is one of the most popular choices for breakfast. A piece of the rose and pistachio cake with a latte is another excellent choice.
Recently they began selling homemade products from local businesses, including desserts, juices and ice cream.

Innovative Saudi restaurateurs launch Saudi Arabia’s first fresh food robot

Updated 04 July 2020

Innovative Saudi restaurateurs launch Saudi Arabia’s first fresh food robot

RIYADH: The enterprising owners of a Saudi restaurant have taken health food technology to a futuristic new level — by employing the services of a salad robot.

Customers at RAW.K’s Riyadh eatery are being offered nutritious, fresh, and energizing meals and snacks from a machine utilizing the latest appliance of robotics science.

The hi-tech, healthy fast food option has been introduced in the Kingdom by RAW.K in partnership with the robot’s creator, Chowbotics, a Silicon Valley-based food robotics company that developed the machine as a means to tackle food-service challenges such as speed, freshness, and convenience.

Fahad Al-Humaidan, a cofounder of RAW.K, told Arab News: “Robotics in the food industry is emerging as a tool to provide a better experience to customers as well as solving many pain points of the industry.

“As a fresh food brand that puts freshness and customer preferences as a key driver for the business, RAW.K found Chowbotics to be the best partner to strengthen our offerings by introducing RAW.K robot.”

Sally the Robot, which was rolled out in Saudi under the name RAW.K Robot, uses precision robotics to assemble customizable salads, bowls, and snacks made from up to 22 ingredients such as chicken, tenderloin beef, baby arugula, corn, and fresh peaches.

The robot also offers options for all taste preferences along with breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal choices. Users can start by selecting from a chef-curated meal or build their own bowl consisting of two bases such as greens or grains, six toppings, and dressings, all of which are replenished daily.

For health-conscious customers or those with strict dietary requirements, the robot provides handy interactive nutrition information that updates as users personalize their meal.

One machine fill can provide 80 to 100 meals and operatives involved in the daily cleaning and replenishment of the stations are given notifications on ingredients’ expiration through a cloud-based dashboard.