Twitter erupts with memes over Jordanian/Israeli MP fistfight

Mock photo of Jordanian MP Yahya Al-Soud (L) and Israeli MP Oren Hazan. (Photo courtesy: Twitter)
Updated 08 August 2017

Twitter erupts with memes over Jordanian/Israeli MP fistfight

JEDDAH: Social media could not stop talking about the Jordanian-Israeli confrontation between two politicians who challenged each other to meet at the border between the West Bank and Jordan and settle their differences with their fists.
Jordanian MP Yahia Al-Soud and Knesset member Oren Hazan are known for their loud, attention-seeking statements and heated discussions in public arenas.
Reactions to the incident on Twitter varied from support to opposition. Some considered it to have a political dimension, expressing the Jordanian people’s rejection of the Israeli occupation.
Others found the behavior of the two politicians to be shameful and offensive to the policies pursued by the two states in dealing with foreign affairs, considering the language of dialogue used by the two to be regrettable.
“Our policies are ignorant and backward,” said one commenter on Twitter. Another criticized Al-Soud as a “sonorous phenomenon.”

“What kind of joke is this? It’s a government, not a high school ,” said Sarah.

Some even went as far as suggesting the state deprive Al-Soud of his immunity and “put him in jail over the show he pulls every time.”

Al-Soud, whose fists and shoes speak louder than his mouth, became a well-known case for his “attention-seeking” ways, many suggested. The same applies to his Israeli counterpart who recently acquired an international name for himself with his uninvited selfie with the US president Donald Trump, for which he was harshly criticized.
Irony and humor dominated most of the reactions, with people calling it “fight of the century,” and urging Al-Soud to “knock the Zionist down.”

The incident “reminded me of my grandmother’s fight with her neighbor over plates and pots,” one Twitter user said.

Another advised political science students to brace themselves and get ready to have a wrestling class in their schedule.

A viral photo of the Israeli MP with his significant other taking a mirror selfie while touching Hazan’s “belly” has been shared by many advising Al-Soud to calm down, as his counterpart appears to be expecting a baby!

Twitter was flooded with hilarious memes combining the two politicians with the funniest captions. “Fight of the century: 10am, August 2, 2017. Tickets price: 67 Jordanian Dinar for first class, 48 Jordanian dinar for second class.”

A video clip shows Jordanian sports announcer ”Shiks Al-Ali” commenting on a supposed confrontation between the two MPs.

Al-Sousb said he was ready to wrestle his Israeli counterpart on the King Hussein Bridge after the recent incident at the Israeli embassy in Jordan which resulted in the killing of two Jordanians by an Israeli security guard.
He said if it were not for the treaty between Jordan and Israel, the Israeli MP would not have dared to speak of the Jordanian people in such a manner.
On July 23 Hazan tweeted that Israel protected Jordan’s “posterior” and the country needed “reeducation,” a tweet that sparked rebukes on Twitter.

TikTok and MBC Group launch film-making competition

Updated 20 January 2021

TikTok and MBC Group launch film-making competition

Video-sharing social media company TikTok has announced a film-making competition called #FilmonTikTok for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, in collaboration with MBC Group’s educational and training arm, MBC Academy.

TikTok has held similar competitions in the past – such as “The Real Short Award” in Los Angeles – but this is its first competition for the MENA region.

“We’re excited to start off the new year with a film-making competition that really digs deep into creativity, enabling our growing pool of users in the MENA region to showcase their production and acting talent,” said Rami Zeidan, Head of Video and Creative at TikTok MENA. “We’ve all been through an uncertain year and, with the majority of filming events being canceled or postponed, the #FilmonTikTok competition will bring the industry together to celebrate the region’s most authentic, unique and creative content.”

Anyone with a TikTok account can participate by producing one or more 60-second original short films and publishing them on the app with the hashtags #FilmOnTikTok and #MBCAcademyME.

The films will be judged across three categories: best film, best actor and best cinematography, with 10 users being shortlisted by content creators from the Tiktok’s Creators Academy. Participants will be shortlisted based on the originality, creativity and high-quality production of their work.

MBC Academy will then choose one winner in each category, which will be announced during a live event hosted on the @MBCacademyME TikTok page. The three winners will get the opportunity to train on an MBC upcoming production that will be later featured on all MBC platforms.

“We are excited about our partnership with TikTok for this competition. We believe amazing talents have emerged on Tiktok, highlighting it as a platform to showcase creative talent,” said Jana Yamani, Executive Director of MBC Academy and MBC Talent. “Our job is to offer these users a platform to take their abilities to the next level and help them tell their stories across the group and beyond.”

In addition to the competition, TikTok is hosting a series of live sessions with experts from the film industry. These sessions will cover topics such as tips on placing music within a film, how to shoot cinematic shots through the phone, and five main elements to create a good short film. The full schedule of sessions can be found here.