Dr. Hasan Askari Rizvi

Dr. Hasan Askari Rizvi is a Pakistan-based political analyst.​ Twitter: @har132har

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Coronavirus and the transformation of global politics

COVID-19 has proved to be a most devastating and widespread challenge to all states and societies. It is not yet possible to explain why one country may be hit harder than its neighbors or what factors keep the impact of the pandemic to a minimum.  

May 18, 2020

PML-N’s London huddle and its relations with the government

For Pakistan’s political leaders and other elite, London is the number one destination for rest, recreation, medical treatment and, it seems, politics.  Most leading political leaders either own residential property there or their children and family are settled there.

December 12, 2019

At the heart of delicate US-Pakistan relations, weapons’ supply still holds special place 

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Washington has ignited optimism that the US and Pakistan show signs of reviving amiability in bilateral relations marred by suspicion in recent years.

July 30, 2019