KSRelief signs deals to combat COVID-19 in Yemen, Palestine

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KS Relief workers handing over food aid in Yemen. (SPA)
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KS Relief workers handing over relief goods to Palestinian refugees in Jordan. (SPA)
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Updated 09 April 2020

KSRelief signs deals to combat COVID-19 in Yemen, Palestine

RIYAEH: The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) signed six contracts with specialized companies on Wednesday to provide Yemen and Palestine with essential medical devices and supplies to combat the spread of coronavirus and mitigate its impact on their peoples.
The contracts were signed by KSRelief’s General Supervisor Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah during the 10th virtual meeting of the center’s committee concerned with combating coronavirus in affected countries.
The meeting, presided by Al-Rabeeah, discussed means to provide necessary medical assistance to several coronavirus-affected countries.
This comes in line with King Salman’s directives to stand by these countries in cooperation with the UN, its agencies and organizations.
“The six signed contracts come in the framework of the implementation of the royal orders. They include the provision of a number of essential preventive medical devices and supplies that are used in such crises to support the sisterly Yemen and Palestine in the face of the coronavirus,” Al-Rabeeah said in a statement.
“These directives embody the Kingdom’s noble humanitarian role and reflect its keenness to harness its capabilities and resources in the service of humanitarian causes.”
He recalling the king’s order to support the World Health Organization with $10 million, in response to “the urgent appeal it launched to all states, which aimed to intensify efforts and take international preventive measures to limit the spread of the virus in countries with vulnerable health systems.”
The KSRelief committee is looking into the possibility of providing similar assistance to the world’s most needy countries.

Saudi specialist teams to fight locust invasion

Updated 03 June 2020

Saudi specialist teams to fight locust invasion

RIYADH: The Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has deployed 40 field teams to fight desert locusts.

The teams will operate south of Riyadh (Wadi Al-Dawasir, Al-Sulayyil, and Al-Aflaj), southeast of Asir (Ahad Rafidah, Sarat Abidah, Wadi bin Hashbal, Tathleeth, Bisha, Tareeb, and Al-Khanqah, and their affiliated centers), Najran’s governorates and eastern desert, and the eastern Taif highlands in the Makkah region.

The ministry said that the Locust Control and Migratory Pest Center is implementing efforts to fight the locust problem in targeted areas, where the extent of the risk has been assessed.

Teams are specially equipped to fight the locust invasion, which began as an outbreak in Yemen, Oman and the Empty Quarter.

A total of 24 pest control teams, nine exploration teams, five supervision and monitoring teams and two maintenance teams have been formed to counter the threat.

Teams will be supplied with over 15,000 liters of pesticides as well as safety tools, spare parts, oil, and fuel as logistical support to aid the operation. SPA Riyadh

Measures aim to reduce breeding in the regions and meet the threat of swarms crossing from Oman and Yemen.

Abnormal rainfall in the south of the Arabian Peninsula has coincided with the summer migration of the locust swarms from East Africa toward southwest Asia (India and Pakistan), the ministry said.