Kraft Heinz announces global media agency partners

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Updated 31 August 2020

Kraft Heinz announces global media agency partners

  • The two agencies chosen are Dentsu Aegis Network’s Carat and Publicis Groupe’s Starcom

DUBAI: Following an intensive competitive review, the Kraft Heinz Co. has chosen two agencies to support its media planning and buying around the world. Four media agencies participated in the eight-month global review.

The two agencies chosen are Dentsu Aegis Network’s Carat and Publicis Groupe’s Starcom. Carat, an award-winning media and content agency, will support the company’s Canada and international* zones, and will take the lead agency role in developing global projects and capabilities with the company’s Amsterdam-based global media team.

While the incumbent Starcom Worldwide has handled all the company’s global media buying and planning since 2018, Kraft Heinz is retaining Starcom as its agency of record within the US zone, the company’s largest business segment, but under a brand-new proposition.

In the Middle East and North Africa, the business will move from Starcom to Carat. The transition is expected to take place in the fourth quarter of 2020, with the account switching over by January 2021.

To support the Kraft Heinz business, Starcom will bring together unique capabilities and resources from several of its fellow Publicis Media agencies under Publicis 57, an innovative (and creatively named) arrangement that will take a targeted and strategic approach to driving increased consumer engagement while improving the company’s marketing-spend effectiveness.

Included in the Publicis 57 focus will be a sharper emphasis on e-commerce media planning and buying across a broad range of platforms.

“As a company, we are on an exciting journey of transformation. We are thrilled to welcome Carat aboard, as the agency will bring data-driven insights and help drive growth within our diverse Canada and international zones as we shift to an even stronger consumer-obsessed mindset and build a culture of creativity,” said Nina Barton, global chief growth officer at Kraft Heinz.

“At the same time, we look forward to continuing our relationship with Starcom in the US, working closely to bring a fresh, collaborative approach to our evolving US business,” she added.

“We are confident both agencies will deliver for Kraft Heinz as we compete in today’s fast-changing digital media landscape.”

Commenting on the review, Michael Epstein, CEO of global media brands and product at Dentsu Aegis Network, said: “We are incredibly honored to partner with Kraft Heinz on their journey to connect people with some of the most loved brands in the world.”

He added: “Our teams around the world are excited to start designing and delivering new and compelling brand experiences that deliver growth every day for Kraft Heinz.”

Tim Jones, CEO of Publicis Media Americas, said: “We are thrilled to continue our 20-year partnership with the Kraft Heinz Co. Armed with our strategic human insights and advanced data and commerce capability, we will deliver media as a growth engine for Kraft Heinz’s iconic brands.”

The agreements are in process and subject to approval.

Due to operational requirements in Brazil, responsibilities will be split by brand. Heinz will be served by Africa, a local agency. Quero and Kraft will be managed by Carat.

Saudi Press Agency honored at Arab Media Excellence Awards

Updated 30 May 2024

Saudi Press Agency honored at Arab Media Excellence Awards

DUBAI: The Saudi Press Agency was honored on Wednesday at the 8th Arab Media Excellence Awards in the Crisis, Disaster, and Risk Media section of the digital media category.

The agency’s winning entry was an investigative report titled “King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center works to deliver aid to Gaza Strip within three priorities: food, shelter, and health.”

Fahd Al-Aqran, the president of the SPA, accepted the trophy during an awards ceremony on the sidelines of the 54th session of the Council of Arab Information Ministers in Manama.

Organizers said they received more than 100 entries for this year’s awards across television, radio, newspaper and digital media, the SPA reported.

The awards were introduced in 2015 by the Council of Arab Information Ministers to encourage creativity, innovation and media excellence among government and accredited media institutions, Arab organizations, federations with observer status within the Arab League, and media personalities.

MBC Group to launch Arabic adaptation of ‘The Good Wife’

Updated 29 May 2024

MBC Group to launch Arabic adaptation of ‘The Good Wife’

  • ‘Moftaraq Toroq’ is produced by Charisma Group, will air on Sunday
  • Show aims to ‘set a new standard for Egyptian long-form series,’ MBC says

DUBAI: MBC Group has announced the launch of Egyptian TV series “Moftaraq Toroq,” an Arabic-language adaptation of the legal drama “The Good Wife.”

Licensed by Paramount Global Content Distribution and produced by Charisma Group, the show is set to premiere on MBC’s streaming platform Shahid on Sunday.

Written by Sherif Badreddine and Wael Hamdy and directed by Ahmad Khaled Moussa and Mohamad Yehya, the drama stars Hend Sabri, Eyad Nassar, Majed Al-Masri, Joumana Murad and Noha Abdeen.

It aims to “set a new standard for Egyptian long-form series” and “marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Arab television,” said Tareq Al-Ibrahim, director of MBC1, MBC Drama and SVOD content at MBC.

“Moftaraq Toroq” tells the story of Amira, a wife and mother whose life takes a sudden turn when her husband gets caught up in a public scandal.

“In the landscape of Egyptian TV series, ‘Moftaraq Toroq’ stands as a departure from the conventional,” said Aiman Al-Ziyoud, CEO and president of Charisma Group.

“While audiences may be familiar with the trials of soapy series, mainly Turkish adaptations to Arabic, ‘Moftaraq Toroq’ introduces a novel genre altogether.”

MBC said the show had been adapted to reflect cultural nuances.

“It is incredible to see how the storyline and these characters in the adaptation have been transformed to fit into the local landscape and culture so effortlessly,” said Roxanne Pompa, vice president of international formats at Paramount Global Content Distribution.

“The Good Wife” is produced by CBS Studios in association with Scott Free Productions and King Size Productions. Charisma Group acquired the format rights for the adaptation from Paramount Global Content Distribution.

London’s Evening Standard to move to weekly print edition

Updated 29 May 2024

London’s Evening Standard to move to weekly print edition

  • British freesheet said move is needed to secure title’s long-term future

LONDON: London’s Evening Standard newspaper on Wednesday announced plans to shift from its daily print edition to a weekly format.

The outlet said the decision was driven by several factors, including the introduction of Wi-Fi on the London Underground, fewer commuters due to the increase on the number of people working remotely, and changing reader habits.

“The substantial losses accruing from the current operations are not sustainable. Therefore, we plan to consult with our staff and external stakeholders to reshape the business, return to profitability and secure the long-term future of the No.1 news brand in London,” Paul Kanareck, the newspaper’s chair, told staff on Wednesday morning.

He said the company planned to launch “a brand new weekly newspaper later this year and consider options for retaining ES Magazine — the company’s weekly magazine — with reduced frequency.”

Kanareck emphasized a strategic shift toward enhancing the newspaper’s digital presence, which currently averages 12 million monthly visitors.

The Evening Standard, owned by Russian-British businessman and co-owner of The Independent, Evgeny Lebedev, has accumulated millions of pounds in debt over the past few years.

The memo also indicated that the plans and their impact on staff levels would be subject to consultation, raising concerns about potential job losses.

Founded in 1827, the Standard was bought by Lebedev in 2009 for just £1 ($0.80).

Since then, the London newspaper transitioned to a freesheet format, with average distribution dropping from nearly 900,000 copies 10 years ago to 270,000 today.

The new proposed weekly Evening Standard, Kanareck said, will feature “more in-depth analysis of the issues that matter to Londoners, and serve them in a new and relevant way by celebrating the best London has to offer.”

These changes, he said, will “reinforce the relationship between our 24/7 digital platforms and our weekly publication.”

Trump’s Arab-American supporters to launch committee, advert undermining Biden

Updated 29 May 2024

Trump’s Arab-American supporters to launch committee, advert undermining Biden

  • Arab News gets exclusive look at #YallaTrump2024 campaign
  • Graphic video targets Biden’s support of Israel’s war on Gaza

Chicago, US: Arab Americans who support Donald Trump’s reelection have set up a new political action committee to strengthen public “understanding” of why he is a better choice than President Joe Biden, and will broadcast a video advertisement claiming the latter has betrayed the community, Arab News has learned exclusively.

The new body, named Arab Americans for a Better America or ABE-PAC, was formed this week following a series of meetings Trump supporters held with community leaders in several cities.

The first meeting was held in Troy, Michigan on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, featuring several speakers including Massad Boulos and his son Michael who is married to Trump’s daughter, Tiffany.

It was co-organized by Bishara Bahbah, the national chairperson of Arab Americans for Trump, an independent organization that is separate from the official Trump campaign. A keynote speaker at the meetings is Trump’s former director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell.

“A new Republican Arab-American political action committee has been formed to support conservative causes and Trump’s reelection,” said Oubai Shahbandar who is coordinating the cross-country meetings between the former president’s supporters and Arab voters.

“It’s called ABE-PAC and we will announce it later this week with a hard-hitting, inaugural video ad that we will be distributing throughout the Arab-American community.”

The new advertisement slams Biden for his “broken promises” and includes an array of images that is meant to depict his support and funding of Israel’s military assault on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

It features Biden saying: “Who cares about the Arab population.” The two-minute video has graphic images of the carnage in Gaza including the recent bombing of a refugee camp in Rafah that killed many Palestinian women and children.

The advertisement also features references to the growing #AbandonBiden movement which has urged Arab and Muslim voters to reject the US president in key Democratic primary elections and “swing states” where he barely defeated Trump in the 2020 election.

Arab News was given an exclusive look at the campaign video which is built on the slogan #YallaTrump2024 and funded by Republican and conservative Arab Americans from across the US.

Biden and Trump, who won their party election primaries in July and August respectively, will likely face-off in the Nov. 5 presidential election.

Voters have expressed skepticism about both candidates, with many Americans saying they are not enthusiastic about their choices.

An IPSOS survey in May revealed that the main issue landscape remains mixed, but any future developments in the war in Gaza are expected to push the needle one way or another.

UAE’s Anwar Gargash urges peaceful resolution amid ‘monstrous’ Gaza violence

Updated 29 May 2024

UAE’s Anwar Gargash urges peaceful resolution amid ‘monstrous’ Gaza violence

  • Advisor to the UAE president says Arab peace initiative underway
  • Israel’s ‘criminal government’ does not reflect ‘values’ of Judaism

DUBAI: Dr. Anwar Gargash, diplomatic advisor to the UAE president, says the violence in Gaza has reached “monstrous levels” and called on the international community to find a peaceful solution to the carnage.

Speaking on the final day of the Arab Media Forum in Dubai on Wednesday, Gargash expressed shock at the scale of the violence in Gaza.

“The targeting of innocents have taken on monstrous levels. We have witnessed wars in Palestine before but never at such a level of monstrosity,” he said. “The region cannot sustain further escalations.”

Gargash reaffirmed that neighboring Arab countries support the Palestinian cause.

“We believe in the cause, our conscience simply will not permit us to abandon our support to Palestine especially in light of the ugliness we see today coming out of Gaza and most recently from Rafah.

“The current right-wing, criminal government in Israel does not equate (to) Jewish values.”

Gargash highlighted the UAE’s continued support for Gaza and said the displacement of Palestinians from “spot to spot” must end.

“Israel is undermining itself with its current policies and actions. We support the establishment of the Palestinian state. We need a clear roadmap to guarantee its independent establishment. If both sides wish to live in peace this is the only way to go.”

He mentioned an ongoing Arab initiative aimed at fostering peace, warning that states must take control of the situation to prevent further chaos.

“While the global conscience has been awakened, we cannot wait for the world,” he noted. “Active steps and initiatives must be taken now or else this will remain a pipe dream.”

Participating in a panel discussion, the Emirati diplomat also accused the international community of double standards.

“Look at the difference of approach between Ukraine and Palestine. Mind you, both are still going through war. The old approaches must go, the current system is not working anymore to solve anything. We need to find new ways and cooperation for a better outcome.”

He urged Arab states to unite and collaborate beyond politics, and added that the UAE was committed to expanding regional ties and mending relations with Iran.

“For the past 12 to 15 years with all the events that happened in the Arab world, we saw it give way to radical ideologies, rise of militias, vacuum powers filled in with outside influences, and ideologies that sprung about opposing healthy nationalism.

“We continue to deal with these problems. We need a better cooperation between Arab states, a willingness to change old, sick module, for the collective betterment of the region.”