Pakistani stars get creative with Eid looks under lockdown

Pakistani stars get creative with Eid looks under lockdown. (Photo courtesy: Social Media)
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Updated 02 August 2020

Pakistani stars get creative with Eid looks under lockdown

  • Hues of green, blue and pink were the dominant colors in most ensembles 
  • A majority opted for high fashion but low-key celebrations amid pandemic

RAWALPINDI: As Pakistan marked another Eid festival under the shadow of the coronavirus outbreak, its style icons made up for the low-key celebrations with high fashion and on-point ensembles.

Actor Saba Qamar Zaman (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

Actor Ayeza Khan (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

This year’s style statements were set by actors, influencers, and photographers who went from one end of the prism to another, with green as the top choice of the season.

Actor Iqra Aziz (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

While stylist Mehek Saeed opted for a head-turning outfit in neon green, actor Saba Qamar Zaman chose a minty version of the shade.

Stylist Mehek Saeed (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

Blue was the next most popular color as in the case of Sophiya Salim Khan, owner of high-street brand Sassy, who wore a pastel-shaded outfit, while journalist and YouTuber Momina Sibtain opted for a more vibrant hue.

YouTuber Momina Sibtain (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

Sophiya Salim Khan, owner of high-street brand Sassy (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

Next in line was white – a classic choice of color for Eid – with some opting to pair their all-white outfits with colorful accessories.

Fashion influencer Amber Javed (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

On sleek was fashion influencer Amber Javed who chose a “rainbow dupatta” in neon brights colors while actor Hina Altaf and stylist Amal Qadri infused it with a pop of blue.

Actor Hina Altaf (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

Pink was a popular choice as well and was worn in different shades by actors Ayeza Khan and Iqra Aziz as well as model Amna Babar.

Model Amna Babar (Photo courtesy: Instagram)


Pakistan thanks Saudi Arabia for supporting it in 'difficult times'

Updated 11 August 2020

Pakistan thanks Saudi Arabia for supporting it in 'difficult times'

  • Minister Shibli Faraz says the country cannot run independent foreign policy until it gains economic strength
  • Claims Pakistan’s economy has improved in the last two years due to the government’s prudent policies

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz thanked Saudi Arabia on Tuesday for always rescuing his country in difficult times while dismissing rumors of any differences between the two countries.
“Saudi Arabia has always been with us and we are thankful to them,” the minister said while briefing reporters here in Islamabad on various decisions made during the federal cabinet meeting earlier in the day that was chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan.
The minister said the Kingdom was a brotherly country that had “always stood by us in difficult times.”
He said that a lot of Pakistani labor was working in the Kingdom, adding that the two holiest sites of Islam were also located in the same country.
To a question about the reported return of $1 billion to Saudi Arabia, he said that the money taken as a loan. “It was taken and returned. This is not in our interest to link it [the loan issue] to other things,” he said.
Saudi Arabia extended a $6.2 billion financial package, including $3 billion cash as a soft loan and $3.2 billion of deferred oil payment facility, to Pakistan in November 2018 to help the country stave off its balance of payments crisis.
The minister said that the world was moving toward readjustment as the world order was changing, especially in the last few years.
Faraz said that like every other country, “Pakistan as a sovereign state will work in the direction and pursue objectives that reinforce its national interests.”
He also added that the country could not run an independent foreign policy without acquiring adequate economic strength.
Talking about the government’s economic achievements in the last two years, he said that Pakistan’s current account deficit was brought down from $20 billion to $3 billion while the central bank’s reserves had increased from $8.5 billion to $12.5 billion due to prudent economic policies.
The minister informed that sales of cement, fertilizers, diesel and petrol had increased many times in the last two years, reflecting an improvement of the country’s fragile economy.
He noted that the coronavirus pandemic had not hit the country’s economy as hard as other countries in the region.
“The economic revival has started … Difficult times have almost passed and better days are right ahead of us,” the minister claimed.