What We Are Reading Today: This Land Is Our Land by Jedediah Purdy

Updated 24 September 2019

What We Are Reading Today: This Land Is Our Land by Jedediah Purdy

Today, we are at a turning point as we face ecological and political crises that are rooted in conflicts over the land itself. But these problems can be solved if we draw on elements of our tradition that move us toward a new commonwealth — a community founded on the well-being of all people and the natural world. In this brief, powerful, timely, and hopeful book, Jedediah Purdy, one of our finest writers and leading environmental thinkers, explores how we might begin to heal our fractured and contentious relationship with the land and with each other.

From the coalfields of Appalachia and the tobacco fields of the Carolinas to the public lands of the West, Purdy shows how the land has always united and divided Americans, holding us in common projects and fates but also separating us into insiders and outsiders, owners and dependents, workers and bosses. Expropriated from Native Americans and transformed by slave labor, the same land that represents a history of racism and exploitation could, in the face of environmental catastrophe, bind us together in relationships of reciprocity and mutual responsibility.

Where We Are Going Today: Hamburgini

Updated 3 min 51 sec ago

Where We Are Going Today: Hamburgini

During a short trip to the capital, I invited my friends to order anything for dinner as a treat, and one of them chose Riyadh’s Hamburgini.

I was initially dubious, due to the sheer number of burger joints that have popped up across the country, but the moment I had the first bite of their double hamburgini, I was sold.

Thin beef patties were cooked to perfection, accompanied by strong, flavorful sauce that was not overwhelming, and the fresh buns were the perfect accoutrements.

Ever since, it has become my go-to take-out restaurant every time I’m in Riyadh; quick delivery, amazing burgers available in stacks ranging from singles to triple-layered, and all extremely affordable.

The burgers are packaged in an environmentally-friendly way, wrapped up into thin paper strips and packed into brown card boxes.

Hamburgini has more than 10 branches located all over Riyadh for easy access wherever you are.