Zahid Hussain

Zahid Hussain is an award-winning journalist and author. He is a former scholar at Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholar, USA, and a visiting fellow at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, and at the Stimson Center in Washington DC. He is author of Frontline Pakistan: The struggle with militant Islam (Columbia university press) and The Scorpion’s tail: The relentless rise of Islamic militants in Pakistan (Simon and Schuster, NY). Frontline Pakistan was the book of the year (2007) by the WSJ.

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A divided opposition

September 01, 2018

Nawaz Sharif’s return to Pakistan

The return to Pakistan of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter to face their respective prison sentences has changed the country’s political dynamics ahead of its parliamentary elections on July 25.

July 13, 2018