Pakistan is ready for talks with India on all issues – FM Qureshi

  • Pakistan desires peace in the region, Qureshi says
  • On Thursday, Khan and Modi exchanged messages of hope via Twitter
By Arab News Pakistan ·

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Finance adviser says Pakistan’s $6 bln IMF loan carries 3.2% interest rate

  • Last IMF bailout signed in 2014 carried a 2 percent interest rate, was repayable after 30 years
  • Under IMF’s terms, government is expected to let rupee fall to correct current account deficit


Saudi, UAE embassies continue Ramadan relief assistance programs in Pakistan

  • As part of annual Ramadan tradition, Saudi Arabia gifted Pakistan 150 tons of dates
  • The UAE embassy distributed 1,000 food packages in Pakistan’s capital as part of its humanitarian drive
By Arab News Pakistan ·


Iranian FM leaves Pakistan with little more than promise of moral support

  • Mounting tensions between Tehran and Washington are threatening to blow up into an all-out conflict
  • Pakistani foreign minister assures Iran ready to work with all sides to lower regional tensions
By Aamir Saeed ·

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Saudi women footballers set their sights on green goals

  • Eight female players have formed the Greens team to promote environmental causes across the Kingdom
  • The group is led by Rawh Alarfaj, who played football for 12 years
By Caline Malek ·


Egypt unfreezes assets of Mubarak-era interior minister

  • The ex-interior minister was accused of systemic torture and repression of dissent
  • He was sentenced for seven years of prison in 2017
By AFP ·


UN says Taliban captives in Afghanistan subjected to abuse

  • The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan says it interviewed 13 detainees from a group of 53 recently rescued from the Taliban
  • They were mainly members of the Afghan forces but also civilians and government officials captured by the Taliban
By AP ·


‘Don’t be too optimistic’: Huawei employees fret at US ban

  • This week Google, whose Android operating system powers most of the world’s smartphones, said it would cut ties with Huawei
  • Another critical partner, ARM Holdings, said it was complying with the US restrictions
By AFP ·