Startup of the Week: Saudi startup adds bags of choice to popular fashion items

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Updated 02 February 2021

Startup of the Week: Saudi startup adds bags of choice to popular fashion items

  • Saudi startup adds bags of choice to popular fashion items

The innovative ideas and creativity of Saudi youth have contributed to a huge growth in the number of business startups in the Kingdom.
And among them is Mine Bags, which has found success in the highly competitive handbags market with its interchangeable products that allow customers to alter the look of items by switching between different brooches and straps.
Accessories for its leather bags are designed and made by other Saudi startups, NGOs, and charities.
Noor Zahid, of Mine Bags, said: “We thought of adding something to the bags to make them attractive to Saudi youth. Originally, we looked at embroidery, but it was difficult to embroider on leather.”
However, after further research they came up with idea of personalized brooches and leather bags designed specifically for the purpose. The handbags are supplied with single or multiple holes for the attachment of decorative brooches which are either machined or hand embroidered.
“Mine Bags’ motive was to involve as many local NGOs and charitable organizations as it could. We aim to bring the right pin with the right bag, with the right hole, while maintaining elegance and coherence,” Zahid added.
The startup’s main challenge was to find a regular supplier of quality leather but when the raw materials it required could not be sourced in Saudi Arabia the search shifted to Tunisia.
The company’s first line used off-cut leather from mass-produced, high-end brands.
Zahid said: “The atelier we contacted to make our bags told us they had no use for the (leftover) leather, so we decided against buying excessive amounts of it and used what they provided.” This helped the brand to be sustainable and affordable, and reduced the amount of waste.
Mine Bags also offers embroidered straps, tote bags, small pouches, laptop bags, and other items and has expanded its range to include on-demand T-shirts.
Zahid pointed out that products were designed with versatility, uniqueness, slow fashion, and practicality in mind while ensuring that components were multipurpose.
“You can change the brooches to fit wherever you are going and can use the straps with other bags. The brooches can also be used on clothes and as headpieces,” she added.
Although the brand is currently only sold in Saudi Arabia, the company has signed a contract to start supplying to Bahrain.
“Because of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic we have noticed that people are more interested in local brands and designers, which is enabling new designers to emerge.
“So, during the lockdown, we focused on our made-in-Saudi line and once everything was open, we were ready with production,” Zahid said.
She also revealed that the brand was collaborating with fashion designer Nasiba Hafiz. Mine Bags products are available on Instagram at @mineofficially.

Best & Worst: Actress Darin Al-Bayed talks fashion trends and bad advice

Updated 12 July 2024

Best & Worst: Actress Darin Al-Bayed talks fashion trends and bad advice

DUBAI: Based in Saudi Arabia, Lebanese actress Darin Al-Bayed discusses fashion trends, breathing exercises, and bad advice. 

Best TV show/film you’ve ever seen?   

“The Pianist.” Adrien Brody gave one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. And I really enjoy true stories in movies.  

Worst TV show/film you’ve ever seen?  

I don't like horror movies because they’re fantasies and I don't like fantasy films.  

Best personal style moment so far?   

I absolutely love oversized clothes! You can wear them out, keep it casual, dress them up for formal occasions… Basically, no matter how you style them, they always look great. Even as PJs or when you're chilling with the girls, they just work. 

Worst personal style moment?   

I can’t stand anything tight. Neon colors are a no-go for me too. One time, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new — a fabric test to see what colors suit me. Silver and gold were okay, but bright pinks and similar shades just don’t work for me, and, honestly, I don’t like them. 

Best accessory for a little black dress?   

I prefer when a girl's natural beauty shines through. Simple and natural is my style. I believe the woman should bring value to the outfit, not the other way around. If I do accessorize, I go for simple, petite gold jewelry, like earrings and rings. I hate necklaces. I prefer something subtle that complements the look. 

Worst accessory for a little black dress?   

If someone forces me to wear jewelry they think looks better, it can be tough. That often happens with photoshoots when there’s a stylist involved. They have their own vision, which can be quite different from mine. You know what works best for you and what you’re comfortable with, but sometimes they push you out of your comfort zone. So, I end up wearing the bulky, chunky pieces they pick out. 

Best fashion trend of 2024?    

I still think oversized pieces are trending, and I love that.  

Worst fashion trend of 2024?    

Ripped outfits. I can’t stand them. I just don’t see the appeal. To me, they make a person look like they don't know how to dress properly. I’m not sure how it became a trend.  

 Best advice you’ve ever been given?   

I forget a lot, but the best advice always comes from my mom. She's a treasure trove of wisdom. I’m short-tempered, and my anger issues sometimes lead me to do things I regret. I often wish I’d listened to her when I was younger, around 15, especially about breathing. She’d tell me to go to my room, take 15 seconds to breathe, and make this a habit before bed. When I finally followed her advice, it completely changed me. I thought I needed a doctor, but my mom was the doctor all along. 

Worst advice you’ve ever been given?  

“Do whatever you want” is the biggest lie and the worst advice. I need people who understand situations, especially older people with more experience. I can’t always rely on my feelings. I might think I’m making the right choice, but that’s not always the case. 

Best book you’ve ever read?    

“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” It inspired me to start my show “Ana Wa Heya,” which explored the differences between men and women in their duties, thoughts, responsibilities and feelings. I did two seasons. Back then, YouTube was the trending platform, and we’d get six to seven million views for each episode. 

Worst book you’ve ever read?    

I don’t really have a “worst” one. Some take more time to get through, but I don’t regret reading them — I think it’s good that I did. 

Best thing to do when you’re feeling low?    

Breathing exercises. Seriously, they’re incredibly helpful. I also write. A lot. I jot down things that are hard to talk about. I had habits that I’ve changed. Instead of ranting to a friend, I take a notebook and write down my feelings. I also do yoga and stretching. Or I go outside and sit on the beach. During this time, I don’t speak a word. I just write and keep my phone away. 

Worst thing to do when you’re feeling low?    

You have to confront situations. It’s OK to acknowledge that you’re feeling down and give yourself time to feel that. Escaping is not the solution. Give those feelings time, sit alone, and work through them. Then you can move past it. 

Best holiday destination?    

For me, a perfect holiday is doing what I love. Playing volleyball, going to the beach, swimming, and driving from one city to another with people I love are all I need. Even enjoying my favorite foods can make my holiday special. These might seem like small and simple things, but to me, they’re everything. 

Worst holiday destination?   

I can't stand being around controlling people. I hate when someone tries to force me to do things while I am traveling. Having people dictate where I should go and what I should eat feels really limiting to me.   

Best subject at school?    

I really liked history and arts. I love watching historical movies and exploring monuments when I travel. I used to enjoy them even more when I was younger.  

Worst subject at school?    

Math. I never understood it.  

Best thing to do to ensure you have a productive day?   

I always plan my day the night before. I can’t wake up without knowing what I need to do. Not having a plan makes me feel lost.  

Imaan Hammam celebrates ‘beauty that is Moroccan culture’

Updated 10 July 2024

Imaan Hammam celebrates ‘beauty that is Moroccan culture’

DUBAI: Moroccan Egyptian Dutch model Imaan Hammam took to social media to share her latest fashion shoot, in which she celebrates Moroccan culture.

“I will always be proud when I get to show off the beauty that is Moroccan culture and collaborate with so many amazing artists and creatives,” Hammam captioned a carousel of snaps on Instagram.


A post shared by Imaan Hammam (@imaanhammam)

The model collaborated with auteur Marwane Jinane, photographer Hamza Lafrouji and a fellow model and creative who goes by the name Cheb Pablo on the shoot, which sees the pair posing in various locations in Casablanca.

“Hood fashion shoot. Fancy threads meet street grit. Models flexin’ in the ‘hood. Iman and Pablo killin’ it. High fashion clashing with rough backdrop. Raw, edgy vibes. Flipping the script on glam. Style popping in unlikely spots. It’s fire,” Lafrouji posted on Instagram.

Hammam is known for working with and promoting artists and creatives from the MENA region with her 1.7 million Instagram followers. The runway star — who is a fashion week staple and is currently the brand ambassador of cosmetics giant Estée Lauder — is known for dropping personally curated playlists of regional music for her social media fans and she has also promoted regional artists in the past.

The model has had a busy summer so far, most recently hitting the runway at the Vogue World event in Paris in June alongside Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadidi, French Algerian icon Farida Khelfa and Venus and Serena Williams.

On International Olympic Day, Vogue World took over the last day of Paris Fashion Week’s menswear collections with a show-cum-spectacle themed around the Olympics.

The rare event blended athleticism, French fashion, and pure, unadulterated razzmatazz from the past century — marking 100 years since the last Games in Paris in 1924. The event also referred back to June 23, 1894, the day on which the founder of the modern Olympics, French nobleman Pierre de Coubertin, launched the International Olympic Committee.

Ikram Abdi serves up courtside style at Wimbledon

Updated 09 July 2024

Ikram Abdi serves up courtside style at Wimbledon

DUBAI: Swedish-born Somali model Ikram Abdi was spotted at Wimbledon on Monday and was photographed at the Ralph Lauren Suite before she took in a game on day eight of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

Abdi showed off classic summer stripes in the form of a pant suit from the brand’s Polo Ralph Lauren line. She sat alongside entertainment industry insiders including British actress Jodie Turner-Smith and British Netflix star Yasmin Finney.

kram Abdi was photographed at the Ralph Lauren Suite at Wimbledon. (Getty Images) 

Tony Award-winning British actress Sophie Okoneda was also photographed at the Ralph Lauren Suite, where she showed off a cream-and-white tailored look.

Wimbledon has had no shortage of celebrity attendees, with the coveted Royal Box playing host to a number of A-list stars.

Situated in the prime-viewing slot at Centre Court, the Royal Box has been a hot ticket since 1922 and it has 74 exclusive seats. Invitations are sent by the Chairman of the All England Club, but members of The Championships’ Organising Committee and The Lawn Tennis Association can make suggestions, according to the Independent.

Monday’s guest list included Lenny Henry, Cliff Richard, Nicole Scherzinger and Prince Albert of Monaco.

Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault, David Beckham, Dave Grohl and Dustin Hoffman are just a few of the other celebrities who have been spotted in the crowd at Wimbledon this year.

It is the second time Abdi may have crossed paths with US Mexican actress Hayek, who was also spotted at an event in London in June.


A post shared by Ralph Lauren (@ralphlauren)

Qatar’s Fashion Trust Arabia held a party at Claridge’s Hotel in London on June 17 to celebrate its cohort of winners for 2023.

Abdi attended the event alongside Hayek and the prize-winning designers.

Abdi made her catwalk debut in 2018 during London Modest Fashion Week. She would go on to walk for the likes of Iceberg and Charles Jeffrey, as well as front campaigns for major international brands, including Burberry and Nike. 

Saudi TV personality Sara Murad launches her own fragrance brand 

Updated 05 July 2024

Saudi TV personality Sara Murad launches her own fragrance brand 

  • The Saudi TV personality branches out into entrepreneurship 

DUBAI: Saudi media personality Sara Murad has been a mainstay in Arab households for more than a decade, most recently as the presenter of MBC morning show “Sabah Alkhair Ya Arab.” 

“When someone tells me that I made a change in their life, it feels so rewarding and makes me want to give more,” Murad tells Arab News. 

As part of that effort to ‘give more,’ Murad decided last year to launch her own fragrance brand, By Sara Murad. 

The first fragrance from her brand is Black Oud. (Supplied)

“I’ve always wanted to be a businesswoman; I just never had the time or the right team to take the step. Putting everything together feels so exciting and gave me the drive to launch a brand,” Murad, who is now a Dubai resident, says. 

“Everyone loves fragrance, it’s embedded in our culture. And I have always been passionate about collecting them. But with By Sara Murad, I wanted to create something that would showcase our culture with a modern twist that could reach the world. And I wanted to create something with my name that I’ve been working on for so long,” she added. 

The first fragrance from her brand — Black Oud — is “a harmonious melding of French elegance and the pride of Saudi Arabia,” according to the publicity blurb, “blending notes of Oud, amber, wood and leather.” 


A post shared by By Sara Murad (@bysaramurad)

“Saudi Arabia is all the inspiration — including the change, the openness and invitation to the world, the inspiration that the country is giving to the youth and the empowerment that is giving us as women,” she says. “To see the Kingdom’s growth has been fascinating and makes me so proud. To see the opportunity that’s been given to women and men… it’s definitely a chance for the young to grow.” 

When she was a young adult, Murad would have never imagined she would find a career as a TV presenter. She graduated as a graphic designer and was interested primarily in advertising and production work. 


A post shared by By Sara Murad (@bysaramurad)

“I never thought of (trying to get) a job in front of the camera. I believe everyone gets an opportunity but sometimes it is so out of our comfort zone that we reject it,” she says. “When I got offered the job, I challenged myself to try it, thinking that I had nothing to lose and that it would be an experience. And here I am,12 years later.” 

Her success was hard-won. “Honestly, it’s not a field where you meet people who want to help you grow, so I counted on myself and learned a lot — most of it the hard way,” she says. 

In the beginning, there were people who were surprised to learn that she was a Saudi woman. “But now the whole world knows what a Saudi woman is capable of,” she adds. 

Juggling a full-time job with a new business is, of course, no mean feat, and Murad makes it work by being organized at all times. 

“My days are never (the same). My schedule is always changing. There is always something new happening, whether it is the show I’m presenting, or a photo shoot, or working on a new fragrance. There is nothing typical about my life. But I try to manage as far as I can to give everything my full attention. So, I’m very, very organized. And working with a great team also helps a lot to reach my goals,” she says. 

“When it comes to de-stressing, I try to take it easy. I shut down work. I mean, I never shut down, who am I kidding? But I play the piano — that helps,” she continues. “I like to read, that also helps. And I like to travel a lot and change scenery as well, even if it’s for work.” 

Saudi actress Mila Al-Zahrani joins Boucheron’s Quatre collection anniversary campaign

Updated 04 July 2024

Saudi actress Mila Al-Zahrani joins Boucheron’s Quatre collection anniversary campaign

DUBAI: Saudi actress Mila Al-Zahrani has been selected as one of the new faces of Boucheron’s Quatre collection, joining the French brand as it celebrates the collection’s 20th anniversary.

This year marks two decades since the jewelry house introduced its Quatre collection, which features four patterns from the Boucheron archives and three shades of gold. 

To commemorate the milestone, Boucheron has released a new campaign featuring Al-Zahrani alongside three other women from the Middle East: Romanian Jordanian footwear designer Amina Muaddi, Lebanese singer Dana Hourani, and Turkish actress Dilan Çiçek Deniz.

“Once a Quatre girl, always a Quatre girl. Our family is growing,” Al-Zahrani wrote on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself adorned in wide, cuff-style bracelets with parallel band designs. 

Hourani wrote on Instagram: “So happy to announce that I have joined the @Boucheron Quatre family. Proud to be part of this new partnership with a visionary brand known for its innovation and cutting-edge designs. Lots happening this year, excited for what’s coming.” 


A post shared by AMINA MUADDI (@aminamuaddi)