What We Are Reading Today: Saving Freedom by Joe Scarborough

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Updated 30 November 2020

What We Are Reading Today: Saving Freedom by Joe Scarborough

In Saving Freedom, Joe Scarborough focuses on former US President Harry Truman’s foreign policy achievements. 

Scarborough brings a deft touch to his storytelling and analysis of Harry Truman’s foreign policy successes. 

“He translates this well to the challenges that remain now for a new American administration,” said a review in goodreads.com.

“The story of the passage of the Truman doctrine is an inspiring tale of American leadership, bipartisan unity, and courage in the face of an antidemocratic threat,” i added. 

Saving Freedom highlights a pivotal moment of the 20th Century, a turning point where patriotic Americans worked together to defeat tyranny.

Truman had been vice president for less than three months when then-President Franklin Roosevelt died. Suddenly inaugurated the leader of the free world, the plainspoken Truman candidly told reporters he, “felt like the moon, the stars, and all the planets had fallen on me.”

Scarborough is an American cable news and talk radio host, lawyer, author, and former politician. 

What We Are Reading Today: Mediocre by Ijeoma Oluo

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What We Are Reading Today: Mediocre by Ijeoma Oluo

From the author of the New York Times bestseller So You Want to Talk About Race, a history of white male America and a scathing indictment of what it has cost us.
After the election of Donald Trump, and the escalation of white male rage and increased hostility toward immigrants that came with him, New York Times-bestselling author Ijeoma Oluo found herself in conversation with Americans around the country, pondering one central question: How did we get here?
Oluo answers that question by pinpointing white men’s deliberate efforts to subvert women, people of color, and the disenfranchised. Through research and interviews, Oluo investigates the backstory of America’s growth, from immigrant migration to our national ethos around ingenuity, from the shaping of economic policy to the protection of sociopolitical movements that fortify male power. In the end, she shows how white men have long maintained a stranglehold on leadership and sorely undermined the pursuit of happiness for all, according to a review at goodreads.com.