‘Imagine’: The countdown starts for Riyadh Season

Updated 04 October 2019

‘Imagine’: The countdown starts for Riyadh Season

  • Riyadh Season runs from Oct. 15 to Dec. 15 and will cover 12 main zones of the capital

RIYADH: Turki Al-Sheikh, chairman of the Board of the General Entertainment Authority and chairman of Riyadh Season, officially launched the countdown to the start of the season.

Reflecting its theme “Imagine,” Riyadh Season will bring the world to Saudi Arabia’s booming capital city and make dreams come true.

One of the biggest seasons in the Kingdom’s Saudi Seasons, Riyadh Season runs from Oct. 15 to Dec. 15 and will cover 12 main zones of the capital and 6 branches around the city.

The zones are (1) Riyadh Boulevard, (2) Riyadh Front, (3) Riyadh Car Exhibition, (4) Riyadh Winter Wonderland, (5) Riyadh Sports Arenas, (6) Diplomatic Quarters, (7) Al-Muraba’a, (8) Al-Malaz, (9) Wadi Namar, (10) Riyadh Beat, (11) Riyadh Safari and (12) Riyadh Sahara within the capital city of Riyadh.

Al-Sheikh announced the countdown in a video on his personal twitter account @Turki_alalshikh where he said that Riyadh Season will be one of the biggest seasons in the country, covering 14 million square meters and offering more than 100 events, programs and activities catering to a wide range of age groups and interests.

The Saudi Seasons were launched with the aim of transforming the Kingdom into one of the most important tourist and entertainment destinations in the world, to enhance the Kingdom’s position on the global tourism and leisure map, and to enhance the entertainment industry as a component of the national economy supporting the Saudi 2030 Vision.

Science, arts key to bringing nations together: Saudi culture minister

Updated 16 November 2019

Science, arts key to bringing nations together: Saudi culture minister

  • Building bridges of understanding helps create a more solid world, Prince Badr bin Abdullah tells UN conference

RIYADH: Science, culture, and arts are key pillars to promoting dialogue and communication among nations, Saudi Arabia’s culture minister told a UN meeting on Friday.

Addressing the 40th UNESCO General Conference, in Paris, Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan Al-Saud said the success and prosperity of future generations relied on the strength of cultural links between countries.

Heading the Kingdom’s delegation in France, the prince told the gathering that under the guidance of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman his country regarded culture in general as one of the most important foundations of human development.

He pointed out that building bridges of understanding between societies helped to create a more solid world where people of different cultures became interdependent, and he noted the Kingdom’s push for joint action within UNESCO.

“Culture and arts in the Kingdom are among the pillars of the National Transformational Program of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and its objective to building a vibrant society, prosperous economy, and ambitious nation,” added Prince Badr.

The minister told delegates that through Vision 2030 the Kingdom was heading “with confident steps” toward a better future and that the reform plan’s effects had “started to positively impact several sectors including education, culture, and arts.”

He reiterated Saudi Arabia’s determination to continue promoting joint action at UNESCO to achieve the goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which were in line with the Kingdom’s own objectives.

“As part of its responsible position as a founding state, the Kingdom had made a big contribution to the UNESCO 1984 budget, and had allocated $25 million (SR93.7 million) to fund UNESCO’s strategic heritage programs and its actions related to protecting heritage through the signing of the letter of intent last July.”

In his speech, Prince Badr said the Kingdom believed that educating and rehabilitating young people formed the basis of any process of building, developing, and promoting culture in societies, coupled with nurturing them with human values.

Prince Badr bin Abdullah said that through Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia was taking confident steps. (SPA)

“This we emphasize on in our work, through a more developed system that is open to different cultures; for this contributes to strengthening social ties and opens wide the doors for peace among nations.

“In Saudi Arabia, we have sought to achieve this, in line with the UN’s sustainable development goals, as part of our strong belief in the importance of partnerships between the nonprofit sector with other sectors, which we consider as a key partner in development,” he added.

The establishment of the National Center for the Development of the Nonprofit Sector aimed to activate and expand the role of culture-sector organizations, particularly in developmental fields, the minister said.

He noted the Saudi Ministry of Culture’s comprehensive plan to boost societal contribution in developing culture and heritage “in order to open the opportunity for the whole world to have an in-depth outlook onto the treasures of humanity’s civilizations and its secrets that have formed societies, and have contributed in this cultural richness that we are proud of, in our country and worldwide.”

Prince Badr stressed the importance of youth and its huge potential in helping to translate the aspirations and hopes of societies and said the Kingdom had launched numerous initiatives to support their creativity and involvement in constructing their country’s future.

Saudi Arabia was keen to back the plans and activities of UNESCO’s Executive Strategy for Youth 2014-2021, he added, noting that artificial intelligence was at the core of future development.

In March 2020, the Kingdom will host the Global Artificial Intelligence Summit, which the prince said was “an annual global forum for exchanging expertise between various local and international actors and companies in the field of data and artificial intelligence, for the benefit of all mankind.”

Prince Badr concluded by encouraging member states to transform their visions into reality. “We are getting prepared, and we intend to elaborate the objectives of this organization for everybody’s benefit, and cooperate hand in hand for a better world.”