What We Are Reading Today: The Outlaw Ocean by Ian Urbina

Updated 18 September 2019

What We Are Reading Today: The Outlaw Ocean by Ian Urbina

The Outlaw Ocean represents a four-year project, built on a series of deeply reported features for The New York Times that brought Ian Urbina from the Antarctic to Somalia — but most of it takes place in the impenetrable vastness of the high seas, a region that begins 13 miles from shore. 

Each chapter tells a different story, in locations ranging from the City of Lights, a glowing patch of the Atlantic where hundreds of poachers shine light into the water to catch squid, to unmarked pirate ships and even cruise ships, which Urbina calls “a kind of gentrification of the ocean,” said Blair Braverman in a review for The Times. 

He said: “There is no clear solution to the ocean’s problems because our entire world — our economic system, our geography — is the cause. I’d always assumed the greatest threat to the ocean was the greed of the rich, but in fact it’s the desperation of the poor, which is, of course, the flip side of the same coin.” 

Braverman added: “As long as there is desperation, there will be exploitation. And people, good and bad, will always be able to use the ocean to disappear.”

Where We Are Going Today: Suplift

Updated 11 min 23 sec ago

Where We Are Going Today: Suplift

From pottery to ballet dancing, Suplift’s virtual platform is helping people in Saudi Arabia discover new hobbies. 

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They offer a wide range of experiences related to arts, music, crafts and sports. They also assist hobbyists in sharing their experiences with others by organizing workshops. 

Experiences are scheduled across different days and times, so you can pick the most suitable event for you.

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Suplift is a growing community, it is an excellent chance to have fun while learning a new skill in a friendly atmosphere. 

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