Where We Are Going Today: The Sandwich Gallery

Updated 28 June 2019

Where We Are Going Today: The Sandwich Gallery

  • A local shop with an international concept

One of the most famous and uniquely themed restaurants in Jeddah is The Sandwich Gallery. Based on the slogan “Around the world in one bite,” the city restaurant was established by four childhood friends with a passion for food.

The idea was formed from the pals’ chats about the best sandwiches they had tasted during their international travels.

The Sandwich Gallery is a local shop with an international concept, serving authentic flavors from all over the world but with the owners’ unique touch.

Menu items come in all forms and sizes with mouth-watering influences from countries including the US, India and China. Sandwiches are named after famous cities with one of our favorites being the vegan San Francisco with ingredients including avocado, quinoa, walnuts, and black sesame.

The outlet also serves some of the best salads in Jeddah with Caracas, made up of quinoa, kale, cucumber, sun-dried tomato and balsamic dressing, one of its top sellers.

Its desserts are diverse and delicious too: Paris is bread pudding served with caramel and vanilla ice cream. The Sandwich Gallery is located in Al-Rawdah district, Jeddah.

What We Are Reading Today: Mediocre by Ijeoma Oluo

Updated 16 January 2021

What We Are Reading Today: Mediocre by Ijeoma Oluo

From the author of the New York Times bestseller So You Want to Talk About Race, a history of white male America and a scathing indictment of what it has cost us.
After the election of Donald Trump, and the escalation of white male rage and increased hostility toward immigrants that came with him, New York Times-bestselling author Ijeoma Oluo found herself in conversation with Americans around the country, pondering one central question: How did we get here?
Oluo answers that question by pinpointing white men’s deliberate efforts to subvert women, people of color, and the disenfranchised. Through research and interviews, Oluo investigates the backstory of America’s growth, from immigrant migration to our national ethos around ingenuity, from the shaping of economic policy to the protection of sociopolitical movements that fortify male power. In the end, she shows how white men have long maintained a stranglehold on leadership and sorely undermined the pursuit of happiness for all, according to a review at goodreads.com.