29-year-old Pakistani looks to dog-sled across the Arctic

Jehangir Jamali is a 29 year old educationist based in Karachi. The adventure seeker hopes to add a historic polar expedition to his adventure achievements, a first for him and Pakistan. (Image via Jehangir Jamali Instagram)
Updated 29 November 2018

29-year-old Pakistani looks to dog-sled across the Arctic

  • If successful, it would make Jamali the first national to achieve the feat
  • It's going to be a battle of patience and stamina, adventurer says

ISLAMABAD: As far as adventures are concerned, even the sky is not the limit for Jehangir Jamali who is all set to chart the course across the Arctic on a dog sled as part of an expedition involving several countries from around the world.

If successful in his attempt, it would make Jamali the first Pakistani to undertake and complete the task.

A teacher by profession, Jamali, 29, says he was bitten by the adventure bug nearly two years ago, after which life has never been the same again. 

“I’ve always loved traveling, but it was only in 2016 that I started pursuing an active lifestyle. It all began when I signed up for a half marathon in New Orleans. Running in the streets of an unfamiliar city, I had the thought that this was actually a great way to tour the city,” he said. 

“When you're partaking in an adventure, in an adrenaline-spiking experience, it is then when one feels the most alive. In my opinion, there is no better way to enjoy the beauty of the world,” he said. 

From biking along the route from the China border to Pakistan -- an adventure he plans to repeat next year, but this time from Pakistan to China -- to jumping out of planes and scaling high altitudes, Jamali says one must always attach a purpose to one’s adventure. “When you add an adventure or some goals to it, then you have an added motivation to save up for it and to ensure that you see those travel plans through,” he said.  

He came across the Fjällräven Polar trek on the Internet, reasoning that like-minded groups helped me zero in on his next adventure. “I'm part of many adventure, travel and active lifestyle communities on FB and someone has posted about it,” he said, adding that by taking part in the expedition, he hopes to achieve something on the personal front and do his bit by putting Pakistan on the world map, too.

The Fjällräven Polar is an international polar exhibition where participants from around the world, representing their respective countries, participate in the 300 km trek on sleds that are pulled by dogs.

For the purpose they need to gather enough votes first. Jamali said he is hoping to represent Pakistan for the competition while urging fellow Pakistanis to vote for him in what he says would be the greatest competition of his life. 

“Crossing 300 kilometers of the Arctic wilderness on a dog sled will be my greatest adventure and challenge thus far. It's going to be a battle of waits and of stamina. While I cherish the challenge, if I win and end up participating it would be the first time where my accomplishment won’t just be for myself but something greater too - my country,” he said. 

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Where We Are Going Today: Hamburgini

Updated 22 November 2019

Where We Are Going Today: Hamburgini

During a short trip to the capital, I invited my friends to order anything for dinner as a treat, and one of them chose Riyadh’s Hamburgini.

I was initially dubious, due to the sheer number of burger joints that have popped up across the country, but the moment I had the first bite of their double hamburgini, I was sold.

Thin beef patties were cooked to perfection, accompanied by strong, flavorful sauce that was not overwhelming, and the fresh buns were the perfect accoutrements.

Ever since, it has become my go-to take-out restaurant every time I’m in Riyadh; quick delivery, amazing burgers available in stacks ranging from singles to triple-layered, and all extremely affordable.

The burgers are packaged in an environmentally-friendly way, wrapped up into thin paper strips and packed into brown card boxes.

Hamburgini has more than 10 branches located all over Riyadh for easy access wherever you are.