What We Are Reading Today: Waste by Catherine Coleman Flowers

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Updated 06 December 2020

What We Are Reading Today: Waste by Catherine Coleman Flowers

This is an eye-opening book on how the intersection of poverty and racism result in terrible living conditions in Alabama, US. 

“This book is fascinating on multiple levels,” said a review in goodreads.com. 

Author Catherine Coleman Flowers is an environmental activist. Her book spotlights an unpleasant and complicated problem — the lack of proper waste sanitation in rural America — and the phenomenal toll it takes on public health and dignity.

“Waste is written with warmth, grace and clarity. Its straightforward faith in the possibility of building a better world, from the ground up, is contagious,” said Anna Clark in a review for The New York Times.

“As eye-opening as it is as a chronicle of the rural sanitation crisis, Waste is at least as much the autobiography of an environmental justice advocate,” said the review. 

Flowers “shares the extraordinary story of her own life, in all its detours, leaps of faith, luck, strange turns, hard work and her ever-rising social consciousness.”

This book tells a story of environmental racism and poverty.

What We Are Reading Today: The Book of Moods by Lauren Martin

Updated 18 January 2021

What We Are Reading Today: The Book of Moods by Lauren Martin

Five years ago, Lauren Martin was sure something was wrong with her. She had a good job in New York, an apartment in Brooklyn, yet every day she wrestled with feelings of inferiority, anxiety and irritability. It wasn’t until a chance encounter with a stranger who revealed that she also felt these things, that Lauren set out to better understand the hold that these moods had on her, how she could change them, and began to blog about the wisdom she uncovered. It quickly exploded into an international online community of women who felt like she did: Lost, depressed, moody, and desirous of change.

The Book of Moods shares Lauren’s journey to infuse her life with a sense of peace and stability. With observations that will resonate and inspire, she dives into the universal triggers every woman faces — whether it’s a comment from your mother, the relentless grind at your job, days when you wish the mirror had a Valencia filter, or all of the above. Blending cutting-edge science, timeless philosophy, witty anecdotes and effective forms of self-care, Martin has written a powerful, intimate, and incredibly relatable chronicle of transformation.