Paris hosts ‘Saudi Cultural Days’ exhibition

'Saudi Cultural Days' to take place from April 9 to 11 in Paris. (Saudi Cultural Days)
Updated 09 April 2018

Paris hosts ‘Saudi Cultural Days’ exhibition

DUBA: Paris is set to host an exhibition titled the “Saudi Cultural Days” organized by France’s General Authority for Culture, which includes a three-day program highlighting the culture and arts scene in the Kingdom, Saudi state-news agency SPA reported.
The event will run from April 9-11 at the Tokyo Palace of Art in Paris, coinciding with the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s royal visit.
The event will offer a variety of artistic and cultural activities, including cinematic performances and discussions held in the presence of artists and directors.
It also includes art exhibitions dealing with heritage and modern art and panel discussions with the artists.

Major Saudi research center prepares to take part in advanced COVID-19 vaccine trials

Updated 22 September 2020

Major Saudi research center prepares to take part in advanced COVID-19 vaccine trials

  • Ministry of Health and King Abdullah International Medical Research Center have been working with two Chinese drug companies

JEDDAH: King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC) in Saudi Arabia is preparing to take part in advanced trials of one or two COVID-19 vaccines.

About 40 potential vaccines are being tested on humans, nine of which are at the advanced stage of clinical trials to evaluate their safety and effectiveness in protecting people against a virus that has infected more than 31 million people around the world.

The center confirmed its readiness to cooperate with the Kingdom’s Ministry of Health and the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) and participate in tests of one or two of the nine vaccines that are in the third phase of clinical trials, during which large-scale testing on humans takes place.

Dr. Naif Al-Harbi, the head of KAIMRC’s drug-development unit, told Al-Ekhbariya TV news channel that it is unprecedented to have nine vaccines in stage three of clinical trials so soon, less than a year, after the emergence of a new virus.

“Approval or disapproval of any drug normally follows the third stage of its clinical trials, which is the last stage,” he added. “Since the pandemic, KAIMRC has been in continuous contact with a number of drug companies in four countries (that are developing vaccines).”

KAIMRC has been working with one Chinese pharmaceutical company in particular to help evaluate and accelerate the development of its vaccine, he said.

“Over the past two months, we have been in contact with Sinovac to scientifically evaluate its product, in term of the tests on animals and a study of the results of stages one and two on humans,” Al-Harbi said.