What We Are Eating Today: Ms. Moh desserts

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Updated 24 April 2020

What We Are Eating Today: Ms. Moh desserts

To start your Ramadan with a mouthwatering dessert after a long day fasting, try Ms. Moh’s mango trifle — along with many other choices of desserts.

Ms. Moh, a contemporary home bakery based in Jeddah, offers a range of desserts from the new and the old of international cuisine with its own twist.

It is named after the Saudi self-taught chef, Ruba Mohtaseb, who followed her passion for making desserts and started her own home business. Mohtaseb also took courses in baking and cake decorating in London and Los Angeles.

The bakery provides a rustic yet contemporary range of cakes and desserts of 35 items such as naked cake, banoffee pie, tres leches cake, cheesecake and a range of tea-time selections and Arabian desserts including basbousa and ghraibeh.

What makes Ms. Moh stand out from other bakeries is its sophisticated handcrafted cakes, its creative desserts and its beautifully decorated cakes with their elegant finish.

Ms. Moh has a children’s cookie kit with 10 pieces of different-shaped baked cookies and multicolored icing in a piping bag and sparkles to create handmade goodies while staying at home during quarantine. It is ideal to encourage family members to interact and join in a fun activity with their children at home.

You can find more about Ms. Moh on Instagram @msmoh_bakery, and order products from the food app @lugmety.


Where We Are Going Today: Sucre de Nada

Updated 11 September 2020

Where We Are Going Today: Sucre de Nada

Sucre de Nada is a sweets shop in Jeddah and Alkhobar offering a variety of fresh daily-made French-focused desserts, cakes and European selections.
The place is small — more of a boutique space where you can grab your order and go.
Sucre de Nada offers an array of choices including mango cheesecakes, banoffee pies, San Sebastian baked cheesecakes, pasteis de nata, Matilda chocolate cakes, pavlovas, Victoria cakes and different flavors of tarts.
The signature order is the classic Londoner banoffee pie; made with ground digestive biscuits, golden dulce de leche and sliced bananas topped with a mountain of whipped cream and shaved chocolate.
If you were thinking of offering your guests a sophisticated chilled dessert, try the mango and blackberry trifle Sucre de Nada offers — a fresh, rich, creamy and tasty treat.
It is served in a large glass pot, which makes it perfect for displaying on the dinner table, and is available in many other refreshing flavors.
The Sugar de Nada Jeddah branch is located in Jeddah’s Al-Rawdah district. A delivery service of their products is available via @lugmety and @careemksa.