Where We Are Going Today: Jeddah’s Dopamine Cafe

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Updated 24 January 2020

Where We Are Going Today: Jeddah’s Dopamine Cafe

Complementing coffee with books and games, the perfect place to spend hours without being bored is Dopamine Cafe in Jeddah.

What sets this place apart from others in Jeddah is the range of activities that people can enjoy while having a cup or two of coffee.

The walls are lined with books for those seeking a moment of calm or are on their own, while groups of friends are guaranteed hours of entertainment thanks to the collections of games at the tables. Warm lights and soft music enhance the cozy and relaxing concept the cafe is going for.

It serves custom-crafted beverages, baked goods, breakfast options and more. The hazelnut cake is one of the best cakes I have had for a while — a chocolate sponge topped with espresso buttercream frosting and hazelnut chunks.

The cafe is calming and a great way to detox from the loud city and its busy lifestyle. It is located on Prince Sultan Road in Al-Rawdah district.

King Salman orders free coronavirus treatment in Saudi Arabia, including residency violators

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King Salman orders free coronavirus treatment in Saudi Arabia, including residency violators

  • Royal order applicable to government and private health facilities

RIYADH: King Salman has ordered free treatment be provided to all coronavirus patients in all government and private health facilities in Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom's health minister, Dr. Tawfiq bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah, announced the king’s order at a press conference in Riyadh on Monday and said it included citizens and residents - even those in violation of residency laws.

Al-Rabiah said the royal order was borne out of the king’s keenness to put the health of citizens and residents first and to ensure the safety of all.

The number of virus victims in Saudi Arabia reached 1,453 on Monday, with 8 confirmed deaths and 115 recoveries.

The president of the Saudi Human Rights Commission, Awwad bin Saleh Al-Awwad, thanked King Salman for the directive.

“This reflects the human and moral approach the Kingdom is adopting in dealing with this pandemic,” he said, adding that Saudi Arabia “is keen to ensure that patients receive the necessary treatment according to the highest medical standards without discrimination.”

He added: “This gives the most striking example in preserving human rights and dignity as everyone, whether citizen or resident, should enjoy health and safety, including violators of the residency system.”

This move, he said, clearly reflects the Kingdom's approach based on respecting and promoting human rights on the ground. 

“This shows that the most valuable asset for Saudi Arabia is the human being, thereby guaranteeing a decent and healthy living, the foremost right of everyone.”