Rangers deployed after deadly clash between lawyers and doctors in Lahore

Policemen gather beside a burning police vehicle following a clash between lawyers and doctors at Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) in Lahore, Dec. 11, 2019. (AFP)
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Updated 12 December 2019

Rangers deployed after deadly clash between lawyers and doctors in Lahore

  • Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) is closed, patients moved to other hospitals
  • Police have registered cases against dozens of lawyers involved in the attack

ISLAMABAD: The government of Punjab province has deployed the Rangers, paramilitary law enforcement personnel, as the situation remains tense in Lahore following a clash between lawyers and doctors at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) on Wednesday.

The PIC was closed on Thursday and patients have been moved to other hospitals in Lahore.

At least three heart patients have died after a group of lawyers attacked doctors at the hospital.

“Three patients including an elderly woman died after doctors failed to provide them timely treatment and remained engaged in averting the assault,” Punjab Health Minister Yasmin Rashid said in a televised press conference in Lahore on Wednesday, as quoted by AFP.

A group of more than 200 lawyers, who had ongoing issues with the doctors of the PIC, stormed the hospital, vandalizing property and damaging dozens of vehicles of visitors and setting ablaze a police van, she said

Reportedly, police have registered cases against dozens of lawyers allegedly involved in the attack on PIC.

On Wednesday evening, Rashid said in a tweet that strict action would be taken against the lawyers who tortured doctors and obstructed treatment at PIC.

“No where in the world is there any precedence of attacks on medical facilities even in wars. This government will not spare them. The footage clearly shows all those involved. The crime is heinous, 34 involved in violence have already been arrested,” the minister wrote.

The incident was apparently triggered by video clips some doctors had made ridiculing the lawyers.

Punjab Information Minister Fayyaz-ul-Hassan, who arrived at the hospital to mediate, was also thrashed by angry lawyers.

Private television channels showed live footage of the scuffles from the scene where some of the lawyers were also seen brandishing pistols.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, who ordered an inquiry into the incident, directed the provincial government to take stern action against all those involved in the attack.


Dubai tycoon seeks to acquire Summit Bank 

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Dubai tycoon seeks to acquire Summit Bank 

  • Lootah wants to increase his shareholding from 0.51 percent to at least 51 percent
  • He says the investment would help the bank meet the minimum capital requirements

KARACHI: Dubai-based tycoon Nasser Abdullah Hussain Lootah has expressed his intention to acquire a majority stake in Summit Bank Limited, according to a notice received by the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) on Monday.
“The intention has been notified to the board of directors of the Summit Bank Limited on March 27, 2020,” read the letter sent by Summit Bank to the PSX.

Lootah, who is currently serving as the bank’s chairman, holds 0.51 percent of its shares and wants to increase his holding to at least 51 percent to gain a controlling stake by “subscribing to fresh equity,” as he said in a letter sent to Summit Bank president Ahsan Raza Durrani on Friday.
The acquisition, according to him, would inject fresh money into the bank and help it meet the minimum capital requirements.

“It is also envisaged that this equity injection will enable the bank to comply with the Minimum Capital Requirements and Capital Adequacy Ration requirements as required by the State Bank of Pakistan,” Lootah wrote.
Summit Bank is a subsidiary of Suroor Investment Limited, a Mauritius-based investment company, which owns 66.77 percent of its shares. Other shareholders include Rupali Bank Limited (1.24 percent) and Lootah (0.51 percent), according to the bank’s annual report from Dec. 31, 2017. As of 2017, it had 193 branches across Pakistan.

The bank has not published its audited financials since then, according to Lootah’s letter. 

Suroor Investment acquired a 59.41 percent stake in Arif Habib Bank in 2010 and rebranded it as Summit Bank Limited. 
Lootah, who is seeking to acquire the bank in personal capacity, has diversified business interests the sectors of travel, shipping, real estate, mineral water, logistics, information technology, and media.
He also has controlling shares in two Pakistani companies — 95 percent in Global Haly Developments Limited and 80 percent in Lootah Energy Private Limited.

The Lootah family is also the biggest shareholder in Dubai Islamic Bank.