Friendly guide to get ready for fun, fitness with Saudi Arabia's Color Run

The largest running series in the world, the Color Run has been experienced by over 7 million runners worldwide in more than 40 countries. (Photo/Supplied)
Updated 24 October 2019

Friendly guide to get ready for fun, fitness with Saudi Arabia's Color Run

JEDDAH: The countdown to the Color Run has begun and the most colorful race on the planet returning to Saudi Arabia on Oct. 26, as part of the General Entertainment Authority’s efforts to attract top entertainment to the Kingdom. There will be a 5-kilometer run in Riyadh this Saturday and one in Jeddah on Nov. 2, with thousands expected to take part at each location.

People who want to take part can visit, collect the limited-edition participant packs, and follow this friendly guide to make sure they have an unforgettable experience.

Make exercise — in any form — a weekly family activity

Walking or jogging is easy, common and free. But doing it as a family is a fun way to spend time together and improve family life overall. Over the next few days plan a “test run” with the family to see how they fare. It will help them prepare for what is coming and create a special bonding opportunity with children, improve the family’s health, and teach the little ones a valuable lesson about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle to develop into happy, active adults.

Fuel up for your first 5k

The family’s diet leading up to the race will help them stay energized and enjoy their first 5k run, walk or sprint. On the day of the event, offer the family a tasty breakfast that is packed with unprocessed carbs, for example a muffin and an apple, toast with jam and a piece of fruit, or a bowl of cereal topped with raisins or other dried fruit. Don’t forget to hydrate before, during and especially after finishing the run. Plan to arrive at the start line with enough time to use the washroom before the 5k begins without feeling rushed.

Show off your colors

It goes without saying that one of the things that makes this run different is the color. That means the best way to get those Instagram-worthy photos is to make sure participants are wearing clothes that help those beautiful colors shine through. While the limited-edition participation packs have everyone covered with the Hero Tour Color Run T-Shirt and other cool gear, it would work in a runner’s favor to sport the white or pastel clothes.

Take the essentials

As participants jog, skip or walk through the event, they will want to keep things as light as possible. This is why the event’s organizers recommend bringing only things people really need, preferably things that fit into a light carry-on zip lock baggie. This way they are free to go all out with their dance moves at the post-run finish carnival as well.

Make the memories last

Participants are encouraged to make sure to take a before and after photo as a family. One snap in the limited edition Hero Tour Color Run T-Shirt at the starting line, then another after the 5k once the participants are covered in color. Frame it or post it on Instagram to remind family members of their happiest 5k run together.

Northern Borders governor inspects healthcare center  

Updated 24 January 2021

Northern Borders governor inspects healthcare center  

RAFHA: Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Sultan, governor of the Northern Borders region, inspected the Talaat Al-Temyat Healthcare Center on Sunday as part of his inspection visits to the cities, centers, and villages of Rafha governorate.

The governor started by visiting the delayed People’s Celebrations Center project and listening to an explanation from the region’s mayor, Shammam Al-Shammari, about the reasons for the delays. He was also briefed on the most important obstacles facing the contractors’ workflow, the solutions adopted to complete the project, the proposed solutions and the timeline set for the implementation.

After that, Prince Faisal inspected the health services provided at the Talaat Al-Temyat Healthcare Center, where he met patients and visitors and listened to their comments and needs.

He also met the medical and administrative staff and gave his directives to ensure the provision of high-quality services to patients and primary healthcare to citizens.

The governor toured the neighborhoods and the public park and visited some of the projects under implementation.

He urged the mayor to take into account the integration of services in order to meet the needs of different age groups, prepare parks with suitable facilities, and ensure the provisions of all safety means, in addition to enhancing municipal services.

Prince Faisal stressed the importance of advancing the services provided to citizens and the need to implement development projects in a way that is in the public interest.