Where We Are Going Today: Bad Bun

Updated 01 February 2019

Where We Are Going Today: Bad Bun

The interior of Bad Bun is just as peculiarly intriguing as its sandwiches. The decor is dark, with neon signs and menu boards adding a touch of bright color to the primarily black interior. It is likely to appeal in particular to a youthful clientele, and the upbeat music adds to the relaxed and fun atmosphere.

So far, so good but all this would be for nothing if the food was not up to scratch.

Fortunately, the restaurant, in Jeddah’s Al-Rawdah district, offers some amazing, and unusual, options. You might not have seen anything quite like Bad Bun’s “sandwiches” before: Hollowed-out, freshly baked buns filled with a variety of delicious and perfectly seasoned fillings.

The choices include seafood, chicken and eggs, all available with a selection of toppings to match every taste.

A visit to Bad Bun with a group of friends will not only satisfy their hunger pangs, it is also a great way to create some fun memories together.

What We Are Eating Today: Shiro

Updated 05 June 2020

What We Are Eating Today: Shiro

It is always refreshing to stumble across a new eatery and for me, this was one unexpected bonus to come out of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) quarantine period.

Gripped by a sudden lockdown craving for sushi, I took to the HungerStation app to search for a suitable Japanese restaurant and found Shiro.

Opened in Riyadh in 2017, it has yet to achieve the recognition of other sushi chains such as Sushi Yoshi, Tokyo, or Nozomi. But my first experience of Shiro certainly set my taste buds buzzing.

From the standard California roll to the more adventurous dragon-eye fry, Shiro’s menu covers a wide range of the sushi spectrum, including traditional, purist-friendly sashimi.

I would recommend the deep-fried, sauce-doused special avocado fry, as well as the rainbow roll California, and the mixed tempura futomaki. For a tamer option, go for the classic temaki.

The restaurant also offers dishes to satisfy non-sushi palates, which can help settle family debates over which outlet to order from.

One of the menu highlights was Shiro’s miso soup with its perfectly balanced flavors. My fellow diners also enjoyed the crab salad, which came with a lovely light dressing, crunchy sweetcorn, and baby corn, and the chicken noodles were another big hit.

Shiro gives customers the option to customize any of its wok entrees, and we chose chicken, udon noodles, and teriyaki sauce. The udon noodles are the real deal; thick, chewy, and utterly satisfying. Orders can be made online at https://shiro.com.sa or via HungerStation.