Ajmal Shams

Ajmal Shams is President of the Afghanistan Social Democratic Party and is based in Kabul. He was a Deputy Minister in the Afghan National Unity Government and served as Policy Adviser to Dr. Ashraf Ghani when he chaired the security transition commission before his presidential bid.

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Time for Afghanistan to change its counter-terrorism strategy

Jan. 27, 2018, was another bloody day in the Afghan capital Kabul, with more than 100 killed and about 200 injured in a suicide attack in one of the busiest areas of the city, just meters away from the old Interior Ministry complex.

February 04, 2018

Afghanistan stands firm in fight against terrorism

Afghanistan’s capital Kabul was hit by another barbaric terrorist attack on Dec. 28, taking the lives of about 50 while scores of others were injured, mostly civilians. This time the target was a media organization located in a Shiite neighborhood in the west of Kabul.

January 01, 2018

Despite challenges, Afghanistan moving ahead

This year was another eventful one for Afghanistan. Despite a long list of security challenges and economic troubles, there is immense optimism for the year ahead when we look at the major developments of 2017.

December 22, 2017

Why Afghanistan is optimistic about the new US strategy

It has been three months since US President Donald Trump announced on Aug. 21 his administration’s official strategy for South Asia in general and for Afghanistan in particular. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s immediate response was one of optimism and support.

November 26, 2017