Islamabad photo exhibition pans the camera on Pakistan-Saudi ties

Senate chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani, center, along with Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan, Nawaf bin Said Al-Malki, inaugurated an exhibition organized by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Islamabad on Tuesday. (Photo courtesy: PID)
Updated 13 February 2019

Islamabad photo exhibition pans the camera on Pakistan-Saudi ties

  • Event was inaugurated by Senate chairman ahead of Saudi crown prince’s visit
  • Islamabad and Riyadh enjoy a multi-faceted and deep-rooted cooperation

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Senate chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani on Tuesday inaugurated a photography exhibition which throws light on the historic relations between Islamabad and Riyadh, a statement released by his office said.
The exhibition, organized by the Saudi embassy in Islamabad, seeks to highlight their longstanding bilateral ties. 
Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan, Nawaf bin Said Al-Malki, and leader of the house in the Senate, Senator Shibli Faraz, were also present on the occasion. 
The exhibition highlighted different development projects undertaken by Saudi Arabia in Pakistan. 
While talking to reporters after the ceremony, Sanjrani said that the Pak-Saudi ties are ‘deep-rooted’ and that the two countries will continue to work for the betterment of Muslims around the world. He also lauded the Kingdom for investing heavily in Pakistan, adding that the move would open new doors for employment opportunities.
The exhibition was inaugurated just days ahead of a scheduled visit by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman who is set to arrive in Islamabad over the weekend.
Earlier on Tuesday, Sanjrani also held a meeting with ex-army chief General Raheel Sharif who is the top commander of the Saudi-led Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC).
A statement released by his office quoted him as saying that “the coalition is not against any state, nation or a particular sect. However, it aims to counter-terrorism and eliminate it by further augmenting the ongoing efforts.”
“Terrorism has no place in any religion or belief and peaceful coexistence is the only way forward to expedite the pace for regional development and making the world a better place to live,” it added.
Pakistan and Saudi Arabia enjoy multi-faceted cooperation in diverse fields which has been cemented by recent efforts to enhance bilateral ties.

Pakistan condemns acquittals in Samjhauta terror attack case

Updated 20 March 2019

Pakistan condemns acquittals in Samjhauta terror attack case

  • Calls Indian court’s decision “a travesty of justice”
  • Says India protects terrorists with impunity

ISLAMABAD: The Indian High Commissioner, Ajay Bisaria, was summoned to the Foreign Office of Pakistan on Wednesday, as the country’s acting foreign secretary protested the acquittal of four Hindu nationalists, accused of bombing a train connecting Lahore and New Delhi in February 2007, by an Indian court.

The attack on Samjhauta Express had claimed the lives of 68 passengers, including 44 Pakistani citizens.

According to an official handout circulated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad on Wednesday, “Pakistan had consistently raised the lack of progress and the subsequent, concerted attempts by India to exonerate the perpetrators of this heinous terrorist act.”

However, India’s Special National Investigation Agency Court ruled earlier in the day that the prosecution had failed to establish that the accused were responsible for committing the crime.

“The acquittal of the accused today, 11 years after the heinous Samjhauta Terror Attacks, makes a travesty of justice and exposes the sham credibility of the Indian Courts,” claimed Pakistan’s official statement. “It also belies the rampant Indian duplicity and hypocrisy where India reflexively levels allegations of terrorism against Pakistan, while protecting with impunity, terrorists who had publicly confessed to their odious crimes.”