Salman Bashir

Salman Bashir is a Pakistani diplomat who served as the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan and as the High Commissioner of Pakistan to India.
Twitter: @SalmanB_Isb

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The people of Pakistan have taken a great leap of faith

The General elections in Pakistan on July 25 have been a game changer for this nation of about 200 million people. Across the length and breadth of the country they have voted for change in the form of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, the party led by the charismatic Imran Khan.

July 27, 2018

Democracy has delivered little in South Asia

South Asia is one of the most densely populated and among the poorest regions of the world. Its socio-economic indicators are abysmal. This vast region has not been able to remain in step with Asia’s mainstream development, signified by China, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. 

July 02, 2018

Hostilities between India and Pakistan continue after 20 years of nuclearization

India and Pakistan carried out a series of nuclear tests in May 1998, ushering in the dawn of the nuclear age which descended upon more than a billion people in this densely populated region. 

May 22, 2018

A chance for India to act responsibly

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold an informal summit with President Xi Jinping of China in Wuhan at the weekend. He is expected to visit China again for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Qing Dao in June.

April 25, 2018