Naveed Ahmad is an investigative journalist and academic based in the GCC with a career in writing on diplomacy, security and governance. Besides other honors, he won the Jefferson Fellowship in 2000 and UNAOC Cross-Cultural Reporting Award 2010. Twitter: @naveed360

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Imran’s Pakistan and Trump’s US: will the twain ever meet?

Imran Khan’s victory speech took his fans and critics by surprise. From tone and tenor to content and timing, it seemingly hit the chords. The man’s unworthy critics have long compared him to US President Donald Trump. There seems little correlation, even for the sake of the pun.

July 30, 2018

India and Iran: Clock’s ticking for Chabahar’s eternal autumn

India may be zealous in its attempts to gain a foothold on the coastline of the north Arabian Sea but the dramatic corollaries of Iran’s policies are already undermining its ambitious plan to make the Chabahar seaport functional by 2019.

July 01, 2018