Dr. Mehreen Mujtaba

Dr. Mehreen Mujtaba is a freelance consultant working in the areas of environment and health.

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Pakistan is ground zero for the consequences of climate change

Pakistan’s contribution to the world’s greenhouse gases, blamed for the increased levels of global warming, is 0.8 percent. Yet, the country’s 200 million people are among the world’s most vulnerable victims of the growing consequences of climate change.

November 20, 2018

Think outside the bag

What do most people think of when they hear the words single-use? Plastic bags, bottles, straws, environment, pollution. Collins has named it the word of the year because of the increase in use in the last five years.

November 08, 2018

Women’s votes matter

"I know that women, once convinced that they are doing what is right, that their rebellion is just, will go on, no matter what the difficulties, no matter what the dangers, so long as there is a woman alive to hold up the flag of rebellion" - Emmeline Pankhurst

July 23, 2018